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Gounaropoulos Museum

Tel: +30 210 7777601, 7487657, Fax: +30 210 7487657

  The Museum was founded in 1977 and was housed in the atelier of the famous Greek painter George Gounaropoulos (1890-1977), in the Zografou area of Athens. In 1990 the Museum was expanded by the addition of a new building, which serves as Art and Culture Center, hosting art exhibitions, lectures and cultural events. In the old atelier of the painter (which has been listed by the Greek State as conservation-worthy property) are exhibited his works, including oil paintings, drawings done in crayon and fusain, studies and also personal items.
  Some of the most important exhibits of the museum are:
G. Gounaropoulos, "Self-portrait", 1965, Fusain, 76 x 56 cm.
G. Gounaropoulos, "Trees and female figure", 1930, Oil, 53 x 63 cm.

Marika Kotopouli Museum

Tel: +30 210 7775950

  The Museum was inaugurated on May 1990 and constitutes a functional museum of modern art, able to house important exhibitions. The building, erected in 1926, was the holiday home of the great actress of the Greek Theatre, Marika Kotopouli. During the German occupation, the house was requisitioned by the Germans. Later it housed the Police Station of the area. Finally, with the support of the Association of Greek Actors, the Municipality, undertook to restore the house, which was classified as a listed building, and to show off its distinctive architecture and its beautiful interiors, where cultural activities of a high calibre are held today. This Museum does not exhibit objects related to Kotopouli. The building itself is of value as a museum; for the time being it welcomes temporary exhibitions, while it offers a permanent home to the artistic collection of Constantinos Ioannides.
  Some of the most important exhibits of the museum are:
D. Biskinis, "The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Paradise", 1932.
Yiannis Gaitis, "Roller-skater", 1982.

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