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Fisheries Museum

Tel: +30 23730 26166
Fax: +30 23730 26166
  Since his earliest presence on Earth, Man was affiliated to the sea. For him it was a mystery, an object of adoration , a residence, a route of communication, a symbol in art and religion.
  Soon he turned to the sea seeking food, and invented hunting, and later, fishing techniques. In a primitive stage he caught fish with his bare hands, only later devising the first tools [spear, hook, net].In his endeavour to catch large quantities of fish, man has invented a whole host of techniques. He created vessels and sailed far from familiar coasts, to explore new places.
  The exhibits of the Moudania Fisheries Museum trace this long relationship between Man and sea.
  Ancient anchors, spears for catching sea urchins, cotton nets and longlines, fenders and mallets, planes, compasses, lamps and celestial spheres -these are just some of the items on display. Three-dimensional models of fishing techniques such as the pound net, the beach seine, purse seining; models of ships, such as the oar-propelled trawler and the engine-powered trawler with karavoskaro hull; rich illustrative material and plain texts to complement the rare items of fishing equipment gathered here from all over Greece.
  One of the Museum' s most extraordinary exhibits is the bouyiande, a traditional fishing vessel constructed specially for the Museum on the basis of testimony taken from elderly fishermen and craftsmen' s experience on traditional vessels.
  However, this is not all the Museum has to offer. A visitor has also the chance to explore the magic world of the deep sea and discover more about the underwater communities and marine organisms, from microscopic seaweed to large-bodied animals. The wealth of the sea is illustrated through photographs, films, movies and even an impressive old-fashioned diver' s suit.
  The perfect structure and beauty of shellfish living in Greek waters emerge from this colorful and unusual underwater world. One of the Museum`s highlights is the collection of shells belonging to the Moudania Nautical Club- a collection which represents 40 years of work by Stavros Kovrakis and the Club members.
  The Fisheries Museum established by the Municipality of Moudania is the only fisheries museum in Greece a country in which fishing is an old tradition.
  Traditional techniques and tools are gradually lost. The fishing grounds themselves are constantly shrinking. The purpose of the Museum is to converse and reveal this important part of Greece' s culture heritage and also to increase the public awareness of marine life and the need to converse it.
  Yet the Museum does not only confine itself to conversing the testimony of the collective memory. It also acts as a communication medium in a live and dynamic environment, which attracts a visitor to participation , learning and enjoyment, providing a variety of stimuli.
  Apart from the exhibition area, there is also a room for multifunctional uses[educational activities, meetings e.t.c. as well as a library reading room available to visitors and researchers who may wish to use the facilities. The concept of a fisheries museum belongs to the Moudania Nautical Club, which offered the Municipality of Moudania an important collection of shells from Greek waters and contributed to the conservation of old fishing equipment.
  The Municipality of Moudania embraced the idea with enthusiasm and, with funds from the EU PESCA programme and the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, proceeded to implement the idea. The creation and organization of the Fisheries Museum was entrusted to the Greek Biotope/ Wetland Centre [ EKBY ] of the Goulandris Museum of Natural History. A team of specialists was set up to work toward this goal.   The Museum is housed in a modern, newly constructed building at the western edge of the Municipality of Moudania in the Prefecture of Halkidiki. Its position near the centre of the municipality and close to the main road from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki makes it easily accessible to visitors. The outside area of the Museum provides a variety services for the visitor' s convenience.

Folklore Museum of Nea Moudania

Tel: +30 23730 23408

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