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Archaeological Museum of Mytilene (old building )

It is a wonderful - from an architectural point of view - mansion, built in 1912, in the eclectic style near the southern port. Inside the central building statuettes, ceramics and jewels belonging to the Prehistoric-Roman times are exhibited. At a secondary building inside the yard, heavy archaeological finds are exhibited including among others the unique Aeolian capitals from Klopedi’s ancient temples, the most significant of the inscriptions found, tombstones, reliefs, statues and coins from the Archaic to the Roman years. The Museum also has the following collections: finds from the excavations made by the 20th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in all of Lesvos, finds from the excavation that took place at the cave of Ayios Vartholomeus and exhibits that have been donated to the Museum by private individuals: Simantiri, Grimani, Alatza, Lagou, Binou collections and others

This text is cited Jan 2003 from the Prefecture of Lesvos URL below, which contains images.

Archaeological Museum (new building )

It is housed in a modern building near the old one of the Archaeological Museum. Its construction was finished in 1995. It houses a permanent exhibition on "Lesvos from the Hellenistic to Roman Times", which opened in 1999 and aims at giving the visitor a picture of the life-style in Lesvos from the 2nd century BC to the 3rd century AD. The exhibition presents villas with artistic mosaic floors, sculptures and items of daily use. The exhibition is accompanied with explanatory texts, maps and models that contribute to the better understanding of the exhibits. The Museum includes: Hellenistic-Roman sculptures (artistically sculptured tombstones, statues and busts) as well as mosaic floors and frescoes from the luxurious villas brought to light by the excavations at the hill of Ayia Kyriaki - evidence of the significant economic development of the island in the Hellenistic period.

This text is cited Jan 2003 from the Prefecture of Lesvos URL below, which contains images.

Byzantine and Ecclesiastical Museum

It is at the center of Mytilene opposite the Church of Ayios Therapon and opened in 1978. It houses significant ecclesiastical objects from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine era. Among its exhibits are valuable icons, sacerdotal vestments, fretwork ecclesiastical items, rare manuscripts and missals. The collection of the holy icons covers the period from the 13th to the19th centuries. Extremely impressive are three artistic icons of large dimensions, painted by unknown hagiographers, those of Pantocrator (Jesus Christ), of Ayios Ioannis Theologos (Saint John the Theologian ) and of Ayios Georgios (Saint George).

This text is cited May 2003 from the Prefecture of Lesvos URL below, which contains images.

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