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Εμφανίζονται 1 τίτλοι με αναζήτηση: Κεντρικές σελίδες  στην ευρύτερη περιοχή: "ΨΕΡΙΜΟΣ Νησί ΚΑΛΥΜΝΟΣ" .

Κεντρικές σελίδες (1)


This barely inhabited island lies in the waters between Kalymnos and Kos. It boasts an idyllic sandy beach in a sheltered bay, lined with traditional tavernas and perfect for swimming, paddling or splashing about. In the middle part of the day during summer the beach can be busy with day trippers - at other times it's blissfully tranquil. A local ferry runs daily from Pothia and some picnic cruises stop there.

This text is cited Febr 2004 from the Municipality of Kalymnos URL below.

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