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Agia Marina Community

Tel: +30 22340 71354
Agia Marina is between Kato Tithorea and Tithorea, a beautiful village with rich cultural and tectonic heritage. Visitors can sightsee the Koimisis Theotokos Abbey where they can feel the awe and honor to all those people who guarded Thermopiles.
They can also visit the famous platan at Agia Marina church and of course the country church of Agios Nikolaos.

Agia Paraskevi Community

A beautiful village at Fthiotida. Its park gives the visitor a different, calm aspect of the agricultural life. There is also the famous monument of leon Haronia at about 10 km away.

Amfiklia Community

  Amfiklia is situated on the North East slope of Mountain Parnassos, in the center of the mainland right next to the old state Road from Athens to Thessaloniki, a bit further south from the sources of Kifisos river. It lies on the border line of three prefectures (countries) Fthiotida - Viotia and Fokida and is less than 50 km away from their capitals Lamia, Livadeia and Amfissa respectively - and some 170 km northwest of Athens. Amfiklia is situated between two distinctly developed general areas of touristic interest. The coastal zone on the Euboean Gulf (Gulf of Evoia island) including Atalanti, Ag. Konstantinos and Kammena Vourla to the east and that which combines visits to the ski centers o Mt Parnassos and the Delfi archaeological site as well as the St. Luckas Monastery and the seaside towns (of Galaxidi and Itea) on the Korinthian Gulf to the west. Mt Parnassos is the mountain where guests will find the flora and fanua from every part of the country concentrated at one place.
  This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the Municipality of Amfiklia tourist pamphlet.

Kato Tithorea Community

   Kato Tithorea was and still is the financial, commercial, educational and transporting center of the greater region. The railway station comes about an important role. Tithorea is only 1h ½ away from Athens.
  Tithorea, or Kalivia or Kiffisoxori, as it is also called, is a town with ancient history. Nowadays Tithorea is a modern town where visitors can meet the park of Agios Dimitrios, the old stone bridge of Magoulas, the Holy Temple of Agios Haralampos, the park of Agia Paraskevi and finally enjoy hospitality and food at the traditional tavernas of the region. Parnassos offers hospitality and safety to visitors.

Malessina Community

  At an exceptional part of East Lokrida built on a 240 m. altitude onto the plateau of the peninsula Aitolimi lies Malessina. It was recorded as Malessina for the first time in 1699, before that, it was called Melinitzes. It was inhabited by the Franks and came under the ducat of Athens and Theves. On April 1894 Malessina suffered great damage from the strong earthquake that struck the whole Lokrida area and was rebuilt in today's state having a modern town planning.
  This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the Community of Malessina tourist pamphlet (1996).

Modi Community

Tel: +30 22340 49644
Modi is built at the side longs of the homonymous hill. Visitors have an extraordinary view of Parnassus. The Holy Temple of the Metamorphosis Sotiros, a beautiful Byzantine church, is an important monument of the village. Nearby visitors can admire the ancient quarry, the roman baths and Panagitsa built in 1900.

Monastery of St. George at Malessina

Tel: +30 22330 51292-3
  At the north East End of this town, and at a distance of one kilometer lies, deeply fixed in time (11th century), the Byzantine Holy Monastery of Agios Georgios. Up to 1599 the Temple was dedicated to Iperagia Theotoko (Mother of God). Today, only the Catholic Monastery remains in existence after the earthquakes, as well as some of its auxiliary buildings (Vordonaria, Fotanama, etc). At this landscape, the new Monastery was built. The Holy Temple is of stone, of Byzantine style and round the forecourt are built the cells and its auxiliary rooms.
  This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the Community of Malessina tourist pamphlet (1996).


  At the Bay of Thelogos lies the settlement of Agios Ioannis Theologos. It is built close to the northern ancient town of Alle, that lied at the northern side of the bay. The archaeological mattock brought to light finds dated from the Neo-lithic era and the mid-Byzantine ages. The port of Alle met a great bloom during the 5th century BC Due to the wars the port was led to decline and finally to destruction by the Roman Sylla in 85 BC. The town was rebuilt in 83 B.C. by the few inhabitants that had escaped the slaughter. Today Theologos has developed into a modern by the seashore resort, that in summer time is bursting with vitality.
This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the Community of Malessina tourist pamphlet (1996).

Tithorea Community

   Tithorea is the center of the Ε-65 footpath, next to the Canyon of Kachala, where visitors can admire the old water mill and the magic view from "Platanakos", enjoy one cup of coffee at the square, look at the age-long platan, go around the ancient wall, visit Prophet Ilias, Agiasarli, Agios Georgios and of course taste the most wonderful local and traditional recipes.
   Tithorea is usually known as Velitsa (in Slavic means corral). The magnifical surroundings including the unique forest always impress visitors.
  The ancient wall and the castle made Tithorea the most powerful center. Odysseas Androutsos established his headquarters at his famous cave.

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