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Aloros Community

Tel: +30 23840 92366
  Aloros is one of the older villages of our municipality. It is built near an ancient settlement,next to the place that ruins of ancient fortress are found,a place called ancient Evropos, ast the historians say.
  It is southern of Aridea, next to the road to Edessa and Thessalonica, it is built in the fringes of a hill with church of Saint George on the top, that is built by the refugees residents that came, in 1922, from the region of Nikopoli of Pontos.
  From 1960 and afterwards the majority of residents immigrated in the centre and in big cities in Greece. Today has 550 residents and deal mainly with the agriculture. Fruiterer trees (peaches, pears, apples and other), vines, asparaguses are cultivated. The church of Saint Nikolaos, in the square of the village, celebrates on 6 December. In the village exists the church of Saint George above the hill, the chapel of Saint Hristoforos and the church of Saint Theodoros with a very old temple.

Apsalos Community

Tel: +30 23840 65201
  Apsalos, with 1054 residents, is found in a distance of 11 kilometres from Aridea, in the road to the Edessa and Thessalonica.
  Built in the entry of province of Almopia, it is the first municipal department that the visitor meet coming from Thessalonica and Edessa.
  The history of Apsalos is lost in depths of centuries. According to the Claudius the Ptolemaist (geographer of 2nd century ) Apsalos is considered as one of the ancient cities of Almopia with Orma, Evropos (Aloros) Ancient Apsalos is related with the ancient settlement that is found in the road Apsalos - Polikarpi, next to the sources of waters.
  The Christian residents of the village came in the period of 1922-34 after the mikrasiatiki(Asia Minor) destruction and the exchange of populations. They were inhabitants from Pontos, Thraces and Mjkrasja'tes. In 1945 also came some families vlaxoi.
  The native of the Pont residents emigrated from the region of Hatzi' Osma'n of Nikomidia, Ak Tag Mate'n province of Ankara and Mpoylga'r Mate'n (mine of Bull) southern Turkey. Also exist a few families of Pont's inhabitants that came from the region of Trapezoyntas and Tohouz.

Dorothea Community

Tel: +30 23840 22643
Dorothea has today 650 residents. In a small distance from Dorothea is the settlement Virtuous, with 80 residents.
The residents are mainly farmers and cattle-breeders. They produce industrial tomato, leeks and peaches. Outside the village, in asmall distance, is the church of Saint Paraskevi. In Dorothea you can see old maintained and lived houses that have been manufactured 10 years ago.

Garefio Community

Tel: +30 23840 75460
  It is a mountainous settlement that is found in distance of 7 kilometres from Aridea, in the borders Greece and former Yugoslavia. The village took his name from the fighter of Macedonian Fight capten Kostas Garefis.
  The residents deal with the agriculture, the livestock-farming and the forestal exploitations The Greek Macedonian captain Kostas Garefis was given birth in the village Apple trees of Pilion and fought for the release of Macedonia in the region of the lake of Giannitsa. It died in August 1906 in the village Tsernesovo, that was later renamed to his honour in Garefi.

  The traditional village of Loutraki is situated in the north of the Prefecture of Pella and at a distance of 38 km from Edessa, and the Iamatica Loutra of Loutraki (thermal baths ) are situated three kilometers farther.
  The value of the local thermal springs seems to have been greatly appreciated even since the Roman years, yet in the middle of the last century the first water analyses were made and the water's healing qualities were certified.
  The thermal springs gush from the riverbed of Agios Nikolaos, with a temperature that rises up to 37° C. Their large supply (65 cubic meters/hour) creates the excellent conditions for the operation of the hydrotherapeutic places of the district, while the open pool and the "little lakes" that have been naturally developed in the bed of the hot water river, give the chance of bathing in an imaginary natural scenery.
  During the last years, the number of younger visitors that come to enjoy short vacations in this picturesque district of Greece and make the best of the opportunities for relaxation and recreation offered in the district has been gradually rising.
  Even during the winter, there are many people who attempt, after having ascended on the neighboring Voras Ski Resort, a visit to Loutra and a bath in the open pool, in the occult atmosphere created by the mist caused by the difference in water and air temperature.
  Besides thermalism, there are many other reasons that make this picturesque spa town worth visiting. Here dominates the impressive "Ramno Bor" (Isso Pefko) gorge lending the scenery an attractively wild appearance and offering unique opportunities for an escape in the nature.
This text (extract) is cited October 2003 from the Pella Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet.

Loutraki Community

Tel: +30 23840 91213, 91170-3
  Loutraki is a village with 1.280 residents. From 1992 toyrism started to be developed and today they are hundred hotels that can entertain the visitors. There are also a lot of modern hotels, restaurants, spaces of amusement and other shops for the service.
  The Spa,13 kms from Aridea, the capital of Municipality, 20 kms from the ski center and 100 kms from Thessalonica. In the place of the Spa and in Loutraki, there are hotels and apartments. Also, there are a lot of shops for the service of visitors, restaurants, refreshment stands, traditional cafes.
  The visitors combine spa' waters with a line from activities as the walks in the ecological paths and in the gorge of Baths, the mountaineering, the ascension, the exploration in the caverns of region of Baths and the visit in the ski center of Voras.

Lykostomo Community

Tel: +30 23840 91320
  The current name of the village emanated from a stream that goes down from the mountain, reaches as the village and resembles with the mouth of wolf. The settlement Stroumpino was named in Likostomo in 1926 and in 1929 was recognized as a community with 684 residents. Today it has 368 residents and the biggest birthrate in the region according to estimates.
  Likostomo is an oasis of peacefulness, natural beauty and mental calm, a laboratory of creation for people of all ages. The climate of the village is marvelous. The mountain in the embrace of which is built Likostomo resembles with a painting. The "old Outpost" little outside from the village accepts visits all the time.

Megaplatanos Community

Tel: +30 23840 94195
Fax: +30 23840 94500
Village of province of Almopia that are found near the villages Polikarpi and Orma.
In Megaplatanos belongs the settlement Monastiraki. Today many people of Megaplatanos live and work in Canada, Germany and Australia.
Cultural events are each year in the village on 20 September on the day of the feast of Saint Efstathios. A beautiful settlement is Monastiraki.
Many of its residents live today in other big cities and particularly in Athens. All however have their houses in the village, that they visit very often and particularly the summertime on 15 August when becomes the local festival with a lot of people. Characteristic of the village, is the best quality of fruits.

More and detailed information, as well as many photos, there are on , which isn't the community's official website, but is run by private initiative.

Orma Community

ORMA (Village) PELLA
Tel: +30 23840 94125
  Orma was a settlement of community of Megaplatanos up to 1929. In 1929 it was recognized as a community. With the inventory 1991 has a population of 712 residents.
  Its history is lost in depths of time.Traditional cultures. In Orma they cultivate, onions, beans, peaches and cherries from best in Greece.
  Today in the village there are hotels for the visitors . In Orma today the tradition remains live, not only through a lot of traditional events that are organized but also by the daily life of residents. You can see women dressed in the traditional uniforms in all the festive events.

Piperies Community

Tel: +30 23840 23588
  A plant gave its name to this village.
  Place of pepper, the red pepper where the industries of the village produce "mpoukovo". The pepper became synonym of village. Today from the buildings of cottage industries and the two watermills that existed in the village have only remained ruins. The residents in their majority are farmers,deal with agriculture the viticulture.Grapes are produced in big quantities. Apart from the grapes asparagusesare produced in big quantities and vegetables.
  The village is found on the road Aridea - Loutraki.
  Two settlements belong today in the community of Piperia. Ano Rodonia with 100 residents and Mikroxori that has been abandoned.
  In the villagethere are some cottage industries, as traditionally called "raki Distilleries".

Polykarpi Community

Tel: +30 23840 31257
  Polikarpi is one of the biggest villages of municipality and is found between the villages of Apsalos and Megaplatanos.
  The residents of village insist they even live the delivery today. If you remain few hours and speak with them you will realism immediately that they remember their history and respect absolutely their delivery. To you they will speak for the Ponto, the lost homelands, to you they will speak for their works but also for their cultural events, the resurgence of their deliveries and will laugh with the customs of their carnival.

Promachi Community

Tel: +30 23840 75315

Sarakini Community

Tel: +30 23840 94065
Sarakini - Korifi
  Mountainous villages in westwards the municipality, in Eastern the North, in distance of hardly 18 kilometers from the ski center.
  The dense vegetation, the colours and perfumes from the mountainous volume that surrounds the two villages, as well as unique quality rural products that produce (cherries, apples, potatoes) constitute the advantages of settlements and breath of life for the visitors. The cherries and the apples of Sarakini and Top are considered qualitative best in all Greece.
  The Sarakinoi (altitude 570 m.) they are found above in the street that leads from the Aridea to the ski center, via Cherry tree. Today they have 350 residents that deal mainly with the agriculture and the livestock farming.
  The Top (altitude 840 m.) it today has 126 residents. Small settlement with the characteristic colour of mountainous settlements.

Sossandra Community

Tel: +30 23840 21889, 21113

Tsakones Community

Tel: +30 23840 23048
   In them it trapped depend the settlements Golden and Down Rodonia, to which henceforth it has linked the village. Today in them it trapped they live permanently 1062 residents. The residents in their majority are farmers and cultivate peaches, apples, kiwis etc.
  In the village it exists and it functions one from bigger rural cooperatives (Gekosa) that covers all the trade of fruits that is produced in the around region.
  The old church of Saint Friday of Epivatini, that is found in Golden celebrates men on 26th July, the events of however residents to her price become on 14th October. This change became very old from then that because ceros, the residents did not have time for cultural events but also the square filled wheat from alonia that became this season.

Vorino Community

Tel: +30 23840 71370
Vorino, Neochori and Pefkoto are settlements that constituted a community. Today they are in the Municipality of Aridea with a local council. From Vorino, starts the road that leads to the tops of Vora. Here, in a big forestall extents, we will meet the pentaveloni pine tree and through the big forests you can go up to the top "Pinovo ".
Neochori and Pefkoto are small villages that are found near Vorino.

Xifiani Community

Tel: +30 23840 92100
  Xifiani is found on the 5th kilometer of national road Aridea - Thessaloniki.
  The village - many people say - lives from the period of Byzantium. It was named Xifiani from the name of Byzantine General Nikiforos Xifias.
  The oldest building in the village is the church of Ag. Dimitrios that was built in 1857 with special authorization of Turkish period.It was released in the 4-11-1912 with important attendance of residents in the Macedonian Fight.
  Today Xifiani has 879 residents that mainly deal with the agriculture and the livestock farming. The old church of Saint Dimitrios, above in the homonym hill, with view to all the Almopia. A lot of world is assembled on 26 October, day of feast of Saint Dimitrios.

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