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Arethoussa Community

Tel: +30 22750 61473
  Arethousa is a picturesque mountain village with a large square ornamented by the St. Marina church built of slate stone. Here one finds good and cheap goat meat and other kinds of local food. It is a junction point of mountain tracks, ideal for bush walkers. There is a forest or arbute trees (koumaries).
  Opposite Arethousa to the west are situated Droutsoulas and Phinikia, the small villages from where the roads descend to the lovely beach of Kiparissi, ideal for swimming.
This text is cited January 2004 from the Evdilos Municipal Cultural Organization tourist pamphlet.

  The capital of the Municipality of Evdilos is a seafront town, which has been characterized as preservable, with a picturesque touch and beautiful alley streets. As a traditional port, with colorful little boats, Evdilos is the main gateway to Northern Ikaria. You will find many little taverns, cafes and shops in the scenic square, while nightlife lasts until the early morning hours. Here you will also enjoy the beautiful, pure beaches like Kerame, Fles, Fytema and Spasmata.
This text is cited January 2004 from the Evdilos Municipal Cultural Organization tourist pamphlet.

  The island of Icaria belongs to a group of islands in the Eastern Aegean Sea, which includes Samos to the east, Mykonos to the west, Chios to the north and the sacred island of Patmos to the south. Its distance from Piraeus, the port of Athens, is 140 nautical miles.
  Icaria is an oblong about 21 miles long by three of five miles wide. The Atheras (ancient Pramnos) mountains range from 600 to 1041 metres in height.
  Icaria is rich in woodlands, and deep ravines carry torrents of water into the sea, forming bays and inlets. These natural beauties are surrounded by golden sand, making the coast ideal for bathing.
  The island has a wonderful climate, which together with its internationally known natural hot springs make it ideal for a holiday.
  THE NAME: In ancient times the island was called Makris, Dolichi, or Ichthiossa.
  The present name originated with the legend of Icarus, the young son of Daedalos who was a famous craftsman held captive by King Minos in Crete.
  According to the myth, they flew secretly from Crete heading for Athens. But Daedalos had constructed their wings from wax and feathers, and when Icarus, overcome by the beauty he could see over the mountain peaks of Icaria, forgot his father’s warnings he fell too close to the sun. The heat melted his wings and he plunged into the sea and drowned. His sorrowing father buried his body on the island and named it after him.
This text (extract) is cited July 2003 from the Municipality of Agios Kirikos tourist pamphlet.

Karavostamo Community

Tel: +30 22750 61344
  Large picturesque village, east of Evdilos, extending from the shore to the entire slope of Pramnos. With its agricultural, meat and fish production, Karavostamo, where sailing ships and fishing boats once anchored, offers taverns by the sea, which, during summer, serve fish and other mouthwatering dishes with wine and tsipouro. Its little port, its boats, its beach with bathers and children carefree at play, are characteristic of the village.
  Further out of the village in the direction of Agios Kirikos there is a dirt road that descends to the beach of the Ares River, while to the right, a sealed road ascends to the upper village (Gerontas).
This text is cited January 2004 from the Evdilos Municipal Cultural Organization tourist pamphlet.

Manganitis Community

Tel: +30 22750 32120
  Seaside fishing village on the south side of the Municipality with picturesque houses and yards situated under the imposing granite cliff-face of Atheras. At this point the roads from Evdilos and Agios Kirikos end. The small shore of the village has exceptionally clear seawater. The “Seychelles” beach with its large white pebbles and light blue water is accessible on foot from a track.
This text is cited January 2004 from the Evdilos Municipal Cultural Organization tourist pamphlet.

Monastery Theoktistis

PIGI (Settlement) EVDILOS
Tel: +30 22750 31963

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