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Protaton Church

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  It is a three-aisle basilica, with its central aisle on a higher level and an external gallery along the northern side. The tall rectangular bell-tower is built a few meters away from the north-east corner of the church. The marble iconostasis of the church is still in its place, as well as the portable icons painted by Theophanes, in the mid-16th century, along with the the miraculous icon of the Virgin "Axion Esti".
  The monument, which in its earliest form is dated to the 10th century, has been decorated with frescoes by the main representative of the so-called Macedonian School, Manuel Panselinos.
  Apart from the historic elements of the monument, the frescoes which cover practically every wall of the church , are undoubtedly the most brilliant example of the Paleologean Art, around 1300, whose colours, forms and sentiments have found their best expression in the hands of the most worthy master of the period.
  The restoration of the monument was carried out by the Archaeological Service during the '50s and '60s, while recently the 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities completed the conservation of the wall paintings.
  The church is in use for the daily worship of the monks who live in Karyes for more than ten centuries, and it is also used for all the official ceremonies of the Holy Community.

The Protaton church

  Karyes has been the seat of the self-governing body of Mount Athos and the seat of the 'protos' since the 10th century. At that time the settlement comprised some small older monasteries and the residences of representatives of distant ones.
  Assemblies of the monks were usually held on 15th August, the Virgin's feast-day, in the Protaton church, the very heart of monasticism on Athos; disputes between monasteries, mainly about land holdings, were settled there.
  Dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin, the Protaton is a large triple-aisled basilica with narthex. Built in the 10th century it was repaired in the reign of Andronikos II Palaeologos (1282-1328). The wall-paintings (circa 1300) have been attributed to Manuel Panselinos; the artist, whoever he was, created a work that has gained world-wide acclaim in our time.
  The extraordinary abundance of painted scenes, free of all abstraction and featuring exquisite figures that come close to defining the quintessence of man, give superb material expression to the vision of Palaeologian art.

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