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Church of the Metamorphosis at Christianioupoli

  In terms of architecture, it is the most important Byzantine church of Messenia. It comprises two adjoined buildings, the church and a structure to the west. The church is of the composite, octagonal domed type, distinguished by the careful "cloisonne" masonry, decorated with large stone crosses on the lower sections of the walls. The facades are plain, with very poor brick and sculpture ornaments. Few fragments of wall paintings, dated to the 12th century, are preserved inside the church.
  During the Medieval period, the church was the Cathedral of the metropolitan bishopric of Christianoupolis, which was established at the end of the 11th century. The building attached to the west of the church was used as an episcopal palace and possibly as a defensive tower in the Late Byzantine period.
  The monument is dated to the 11th or, most likely, to the 12th century A.D. The monument was half-ruined and restored to its present form in 1951. Today it functions as a parish church.
  Near the site of Christianoi, the following monuments are worth visiting:
•the traditional settlement of Kyparissia with the important castle called "Arcadia", built during the Byzantine period,
•the small churches of Analepsis (13th century), St. George Bourianon (17th century) and Panaghia Vlacherna (first half of the 19th century) at Philiatra.

Church of the Metamorphosis at Christianoi

  In terms of architecture it is the most important Byzantine church of Messinia.
  It includes two buildings; the church and the adjoining to it building.
  The church is of the compound octagonal type and it is characterised by carefully constructed walls (brickenclosed system with big stone crosses on the lower part of the long walls) as well as the austerity of its appearance (limited ceramic and sculptured decoration).
  In the interior, few frescos are saved which date back to the 12th century.
  During the Byzantine Years it constitutes the cathedral of the Metropolis Christianoupolis which was founded at the end of the 11th century and was dedicated to the Transformation of our Saviour.
  The additional structure in the west of the church was used as an episcopal manor and probably - in the late Byzantine period(1204-1460) - as a defensive turret.
  The monument dates back to the 11th or - according to the most - the 12th century and it is used today as a church.

This text is cited Jan 2003 from the Messenia Prefecture Tourism Promotion Commission URL below, which contains image.


Virgin Mary

This is a historical church in the central square of Gargaliani, the foundations of it were laid during the Venetian era in the 17th century and was completed at the beginning of the 18th century. Makrigiannis went to Mass in this church in 1825 before he set off for Navarino. In the church you can still see Ibrahem's sword cuts when he ransacked the town.

Country churches

Agia Kyriake

This is a country church built on the top of Ayia on the north part of Mouzaki. On the back mountainside lies the forest of Mali, most of which belongs to the Municipality of Gargaliani.






St. John The Baptist

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