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Church Agios Dimitrios(Orthodox Church)

  This is the church which welcomes those visitors who arrive by sea: its bells ring whenever a ship enters the port. When you hear the bells, you know that you have arrived. In contrast with the monotony of the sea voyage, the sudden view on the town, with its mountainous backdrop, appears like a vision out of a dream. The first impression of the island makes a strong impact. The church was erected on this very site due to the fact that the icon of Agios Dimitrios was found somewhere among these rocks.

This text is cited Apr 2003 from the University of Patras' XENIOS DIAS website URL below.

Church of Agios Nikolaos(Orthodox Church)

  Agios Nikolaos is situated at the edge of the Vaporia quarter and is the pride of Hermoupolis.
  Founded in 1848, it is a most impressive church with broad steps leading up to it, a blue dome and magnificent bell towers. Inside, it boasts the beautiful marble iconostasis - work of the sculptor G.Vitali. The marble pulpit and throne are also veritable pieces of art. The church is lavishly decorated.
  The monument to the «Unknown Soldier» is situated in front of the church. This was the first monument dedicated to unknown soldiers of the war of independance of 1889, and also the work of the architect O. Vitali.

Το κείμενο παρατίθεται τον Απρίλιο 2003 από την ακόλουθη ιστοσελίδα, με φωτογραφία, του ΞΕΝΙΟΣ ΔΙΑΣ website, του Πανεπιστημίου Πατρών

Church Anastasis (Orthodox Church)

  The Church of the Anastasis (resurrection) is situated on the summit of the hill of Dili. It is one of the most characteristic features of the island, dominating the town of Hermoupolis with, as its counterpart, the Catholic church of Agios Georgios on the opposite hill of Ano Syros. It was founded in 1873, and designed by the architect D. Elavteriadis. It was inaugurated in 1909. The church is cruciform and topped by a dome. Inside the church are three aisles divided by arches. The iconostasis, pulpit and throne are made of wood. Only the sanctuary and the dome are decorated with pale coloured frescoes with a preponderance of blue. From the church, one has a splendid panoramic view. At its feet, the town of Hermoupolis unfolds itself, sloping down to the port, while on the opposite hill lies the Mediterranean village of Ano Syros. Every Easter, this is the site for a great religious celebration, ending with spectacular fireworks.

This text is cited Apr 2003 from the University of Patras' XENIOS DIAS website URL below.

Church of Evangelistria (Catholic Church)

  This catholic church was built at the begining of the19th century. It occupies the site of the Grigorios Stefanos church. It was rebuilt in 1829, at the order of the Austrian consul, to the design of the Tiniot architect H. Simos. Grigorios Stefanos is buried in the central part of the church. It is not he most important Catholic church of the island. This honour goes to the church of Agios Georgios in Ano Syros. Marble columns divide the church's three aisles. The interior is pleasing in its simplicity.

This text is cited Apr 2003 from the University of Patras' XENIOS DIAS website URL below.

Church of Kimiseos tis Theotokou

  The church is known as the "church of Psarianon", deriving its name from that of the "Psariana" quarter, where it is situated. Building started in 1828, thanks to donations of its founder Theodoros Plataniti, who decided to dedicate it to the citizens and financed its entire construction, which was completed in 1832. The opening ceremony took place on August 20th, 1850. This church houses one of the masterpieces of religious art: an icon by the hand of Domenikos Theotokoupoulos, also known as "El Greco", and illustrating the "Kimisi tis Theotokou" (dormition of the Mother of God). It is generally assumed that this icon was brought here from Venice.

Το κείμενο παρατίθεται τον Απρίλιο 2003 από την ακόλουθη ιστοσελίδα του ΞΕΝΙΟΣ ΔΙΑΣ website, του Πανεπιστημίου Πατρών

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