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Aborigines, lay claim to antiquity and divine favour, Athenians the leading Ionian people, more pious than other people, superior to all Greeks in mother-wit, most law-abiding, gods fight on their side, only people who flourished under democracy, at war with Eleusis, capture Thebes and bury the Argive dead, visited with famine and pestilence, their muster for the Trojan war, their expedition to Ionia, at battle of Marathon, at battle of Salamis, at battle of Mycale, their expedition to Thrace, give Naupactus to Messenians, defeat Lacedaemonians at Oenoe, defeated by Megarians at Nisaea, make treaty with Lacedaemonians, subjugate Euboea, annually ravage Megarian territory, expel Potidaeans, victorious at Sphacteria, expel Delians, beaten by Lacedaemonians at Corinth, at battle of Mantinea, side with Phocians in Sacred War, lose 1000 dead at battle of Chaeronea, revolt from Macedonia, lose 200 dead at Lamia, Athenian tribes formerly four, afterwards ten.

Ancient authors' reports

The Athenians, while the Pelasgians ruled what is now called Hellas, were Pelasgians, bearing the name of Cranai. When Cecrops was their king they were called Cecropidae, and when Erechtheus succeeded to the rule, they changed their name and became Athenians. When, however, Ion son of Xuthus was commander of the Athenian army, they were called after him Ionians.

Metoikoi (Metoeci)

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Dionysos at Athens






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