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Ancient tribes


Laeaei (Laiaioi), a Paeonian tribe in Macedonia, included within the dominion of Sitalces, probably situated to the E. of the Strymon. (Thuc. ii. 96.)

Names of the inhabitants

SINTIKI (Ancient area) SERRES


  Sinti (Thuc, ii. 98; Steph. B. s. v.; Liv. xlii. 51), a Thracian tribe who occupied the district lying between the ridge called Cercine and the right or W. bank of the Strymon, in the upper part of the course of that river, which was called from thence Sintice (Sintike, Ptol. iii. 13. ยง 30). When Macedonia was divided into four provinces at the Roman conquest, Sintice was associated with Bisaltia in the First Macedonia, of which Amphipolis was the capital (Liv. xlv. 29). It contained the three towns Heracleia, Paroecopolis, Tristolus.

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