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  The Council of Kalamaria constitutes the second largest council of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, and also Northern Greece, and ninth in all of Greece. According to the inventory of 2002, the population of the council amounts to 87.312 people, against the 80.698 residents. The increase of residents in the region amounts to 8,2%. Women constitute 52% (45.535) of the total population, an increase of 12,4% in the last decade.
  However, the increasing population does not compare with the percentage of births in the Municipality, but is due to relocation of families from other parts of Thessaloniki. The age-related structure of population does not differ from that of remainder Greece. In Kalamaria according to the census made in 1991, 15,2% of the total population was individuals aged over 60 years.
  The rate of unemployment, according to the inventory 1991, is calculated at 6,9% the number of unemployed individuals in the region is calculated at 2.175. Unemployment appears to affect women more than men, 1.129 women compared to 1.046 unemployed men. Unemployment in young people age 25-29 has increased, numbering 1.098 individuals.

This text is cited March 2005 from the Municipality of Kalamaria URL below

Refugees of 1922

The refugees communities in Thessaloniki

  Bearing names that often recall the lost homelands (Nea Varna, Saranda Ekklisies, Neo Kordelio, etc.), a series of new communities sprouted up on the outskirts of the traditional city, to the west, after the swamps were drained beyond Vardaris Square (1930) and the eastern sector expanded (Aretsou).
  Most of them were shanty towns, thrown together in a hundred different ways but mainly closely packed and jerry-built, in order to provide shelter for some 100,000 refugees from Asia Minor, Thrace and the Black Sea (Pontus). A typical example of a refugee settlement was Kalamaria, a whole municipality nowadays, created by the vitality and industriousness of people from the Black Sea.

By kind permission of:Ekdotike Athenon
This text is cited Nov 2003 from the Macedonian Heritage URL below, which contains image.

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