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First inhabitants


The Chians, also, say that the Pelasgians from Thessaly were their founders. But the Pelasgian race, ever wandering and quick to migrate, greatly increased and then rapidly disappeared, particularly at the time of the migration of the Aeolians and Ionians to Asia. (Strabo 13.3.3)

Ancient tribes

Leleges, Carians, Ionians

Pherecydes says concerning this seaboard that Miletus and Myus and the parts round Mycale and Ephesus were in earlier times occupied by Carians, and that the coast next thereafter, as far as Phocaea and Chios and Samos, which were ruled by Ancaeus, was occupied by Leleges, but that both were driven out by the Ionians and took refuge in the remaining parts of Caria.


Abantes from Euboea came to the island

Remarkable selections

Chians sacrificed man to Dionysus

On Chios and Tenedos a man was torn in pieces as a sacrifice to Dionysos

Chian prosperity

Indeed, after the Lacedaemonians, the Chians are the only people that I have known who knew how to be wise in prosperity, and who ordered their city the more securely the greater it grew. (Thucydides 8.24.4)

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