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KAFYES (Ancient city) LEVIDI
The inhabitants say that originally they were from Attica, but on being expelled from Athens by Aegeus they fled to Arcadia, threw themselves on the mercy of Cepheus, and found a home in the country. (Paus. 8.23.2)


Wars of, five hundred Mantineans sent to Thermopylae, their late arrival at Plataea, allied with Eleans, Athenians, and Argives, dispersed in villages by Agesipolis, at war with Lacedaemonians, fight on Roman side at Actium, dedicate image of Apollo at Delphi and image of Victory at Olympia.


TEGEA (Ancient city) ARCADIA
Save the sons of Alcmaeon from the pursuing Psophidians, formerly dwelt in townships, at war with Lacedaemonians, defeat and capture Lacedaemonians, five hundred Tegeans sent to Thermopylae, offerings of Tegeans at Delphi made from Lacedaemonian booty, Tegean tribes.

Ancient tribes


Minyae (Minuai), an ancient race in Greece, said to have been descended from Minyas, the son of Orchomenus, who originally dwelt in Thessaly, and afterwards migrated into Boeotia, and founded Orchomenus. Most of the Argonautic heroes were Minyae; and some of them having settled in the island of Lemnos, continued to be called Minyae. These Lemnian Minyae were driven out of the island by the Tyrrhenian Pelasgians, and took refuge in Lacedaemon, from whence some of them migrated to Thera, and others to Triphylia in Elis, where they founded the six Triphylian cities. (Herod. iv. 145--148.)

Clareotis, Hippothoetis, Apolloniatis, Athaneatis

TEGEA (Ancient city) ARCADIA
Tegean tribes.

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