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Names of the inhabitants

Mycenaeans, Mykenaians

At Thermopylae, Heraclidae and Mycenaeans, Mycenaeans in Pausanias' army, Io tethered to a tree in the grove of the, commanded by an oracle to choose a Pelopid for king, Agamemnon king of the, their muster for the Trojan war.

Worships of the inhabitants

Hera's favorite city

My own three favorite cities," answered Hera, "are Argos, Sparta, and Mycenae.

Apollo Agyieus

Agyieus (Aguieus), a surname of Apollo describing him as the protector of the streets and public places. As such he was worshipped at Acharnae (Paus. i. 31.3), Mycenae (ii. 19.7), and at Tegea. (viii. 53.1.) The origin of the worship of Apollo Agyieus in the last of these places is related by Pausanias. (Compare Hor. Carm. iv. 6. 28; Macrob. Sat. i. 9.)

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