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The Hermioneans are Dryopians, driven out of the country now called Doris by Herakles and the Malians.


  Halieis (Halieis), the name of a sea-faring people on the coast of Hermionis, who derived their name from their fisheries. (Strab. viii. p. 373.) They gave their name to a town on the coast of Herinionis, where the Tirynthians and Hermionians took refuge when they were expelled from their own cities by the Argives. (Ephor. ap. Byz. s. v. Halieis; Strab. viii. p. 373.) This town was taken about Ol. 80 by Aneristus, the son of Sperthias, and made subject to Sparta (hos heile Halieas [not alieas] tous ek Tirunthos, Helod. vii. 137). The district was afterwards ravaged on more than one occasion by the Athenians. (Thuc. i. 105, ii. 56, iv. 45; Diod. xi. 78.) After the Peloponnesian War the Halieis are mentioned by Xenophon as an autonomous people. (Xen. Hell. iv. 2. 6, vi. 2, ยง 3.)
  The district is called e Halias by Thucydides (ii. 56, iv. 45), who also calls the people or their town Halieis; for, in i. 105, the true reading is es Halias, i.e. Halieas. (See Meineke, and Steph. B. s. v. Halieis.) In an inscription we find en Halieusin. (Bockh, Inscr. no. 165.)

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