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Ancient tribes


Pylos the son of Cleson, bringing from the Megarid the Leleges who then occupied the country.

Aeoles, Aeolians

Nations & tribes


After the return of the Heracleidae (Dorians) ,when they assigned Argos to Temenus, Cresphontes asked them for the land of Messenia Aristodemus was now dead, but Cresphontes was vigorously opposed by Theras the son of Autesion... who was at that time guardian of the sons of Aristodemus, being their uncle Cresphontes, wishing to obtain Messenia as his portion at all costs, approached Temenus, and having suborned him pretended to leave the decision to the lot. Temenus put the lots of the children of Aristodemus and of Cresphontes into a jar containing water, the terms being that the party whose lot came up first should be the first to choose a portion of the country. Temenus had caused both lots to be made of clay, but for the sons of Aristodemus sun-dried, for Cresphontes baked with fire. So the lot of the sons of Aristodemus was dissolved, and Cresphontes, winning in this way, chose Messenia.
This extract is from: Pausanias, Description of Greece. Harvard University Press
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Names of the inhabitants


First war of Messenians with Lacedaemonians, second war of Messenians with Lacedaemonians, Messenians defeated at Great Trench, settle on Mount Ira, conquered a second time by Lacedaemonians and banished from Peloponnese, exiled Messenians settle at Zancle (Messene) in Sicily, Messenians revolt from Lacedaemonians a second time and take refuge on Ithome, but are subdued and allowed to depart (third Messenian war), receive Naupactus from Athenians, restored to Messenia by Thebans after battle of Leuctra, in exile forget their country's history, and are unsuccessful at Olympic games, form an alliance with Philip, son of Amyntas, revolt from Macedonia, aid Lacedaemonians against Pyrrhus, join Achaean League, welcome fugitives from Megalopolis.


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