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Jim Londos (Chris Theophelos

  Koutsopodi is Jim Londos's birthplace. His real name being Christos Theophilou, he was born in 1896 and emigrated to America at a very early age. There he struggled hard and became a champion wrestler with a worldwide fame and reputation. He is said to have been as manly as Apollo and as strong as Hercules. He beat every famous wrestler of those days and on June 30, 1930 he conquered the title of the world champion and the gold and stubbed with diamonds belt which he kept for 16 years. He left the ring being invincible after having taken part in 2.500 fights all over the world. The «Golden Greek» as people used to call him in America , became legend and his so called «aeroplane trick» was written down the athletic history as a device through which he beat all his opponents in the ring. On 7th October of 1956, the veteran wrestler made a great appearance and was applauded by the people of Argolidas at the ancient theatre of Argos. He died at the «Palomar Hospital» of Kalifornia on 19 August 1975. The mayor and the local council of Koutsopodi borough plan to construct a museum in which to accommodate personal objects and the trophies of this famous wrestler.

This extract is cited Oct 2002 from the Municipality of Koutsopodion URL below.

Fighters of the 1821 revolution

Tasos Nezos

  He is one of the most famous heroes from Koutsopodi , that took part in the revolution of 1821 against the Turkish yoke and occupation. Under the command of Theodoros Kolokotronis , Tasos Nezos belonged to that band of brave guerilla soldiers who conquered the Turkish hordes at Dervenakia battle. Having under his command 200 men of Koutsopodi, he fought bravely but unfortunately he was wounded at his knee and so he was lame from then on. He and his men helped Kolokotronis to burn the crops and the result from this was the assault of hunger for the Turkish cavalry and soldiers. Tasos Nezos and his band of men, also took part and fought bravely during the siege of Nafplio. You can still see the ruins of his old house and his yataghan with the silver handle which is treasured up by his descendants.

This extract is cited Oct 2002 from the Municipality of Koutsopodion URL below.

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