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Mummius, the one who had conquered Greece, was basely ensnared by the knights, who promised to acquit him, but condemned him to banishment. He passed the remainder of his life at Delos.



There were three authors of the name of Deinarchus, concerning whom we know little beyond what is stated by Demetrius of Magnesia (Dionys. Deinarch. 1), viz. that one was a poet of Delos, who lived previous to the time of the orator, and wrote poems on Bacchic subjects (comp. Euseb. Chron. DCCXX.; Cyrill. c. Julian. x.)


Antiphanes, a Physician of Delos, who is quoted by Caelius Aurelianus (De Morb. Chron. iv. 8, p. 537), and Galen (De Compos. Medicam. sec. Locos, v. 5, vol. xii. p. 877), and must therefore have lived some time in or before the second century after Christ. He is mentioned by St. Clement of Alexandria (Paedag. ii. 1, p. 140) as having said, that the sole cause of diseases in man was the too great variety of his food.

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