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Papadiamantis Allexandros

, , 1851 - 1911
  Alexandros Papadiamanis was born in Skiathos on 3rd March 1851 and was the son of the priest Adamantios Emmanouil and Angeliki who was the daughter of Alexandros Moraitidis. He completed the primary school and the first two grades of the Hellenic school in Skiathos. He later attended a school in Skopelos and in Piraeus and finally he graduated (he received the "apolytirion" of High School) from Varvakio in 1874. In the same year in September, he registered in the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Athens but he never graduated from it. At that time he wrote his first lyric poem about his mother. In 1879 he published his noved "the Immigrant" in the newspaper "Neologos". In 1882 he started publishing his novel "The Merchants of the Nations" in the newspaper "Mi hanese" (Don’t vanish). At the same time he started working as a translator. In 1884 he started publishing in the newspaper "Akropolis" his novel "Gypsy Girl". From 1892 to 1897 he worked as a regular correspondent in the same newspaper.
   From 1902 to 1904 he lived in Skiathos where he published his novel "The Female Assasin". On March 13, 1908 in "Parnassos" a celebration of his 25 years in the greek letters was held under the patronage of the Princess Maria Vonaparti. Immediately after that he returned to Skiathos where he lived until the end of his life. He died because of pneumonia in the morning of 3rd January 1911. His funeral was held on the same day and the funeral oration was delivered by G. Rigas. On 22nd November 1912 his grave was visited by Maria Vonaparti and in 1925 his bust, which was created by Th. Thomopoulos, was erected.
   The work of Alexandros Papadiamantis which is today internationally acclaimed, was influenced directly by his island; the island where he was born and died; the island which he loved and praised as much as nothing else. It was also influenced by the people of his island whose life-stories he recreated and enlivened in his writings. He was a perfect observer and student of human psychology and of the morals and manners of his time. His unparalleled, full of lyricism writing style gave birth to masterpieces of moral novels in modern Greece. As a result, his name reminds us of Skiathos immediately. At the same time, on hearing the word "Skiathos" we cannot help thinking of this great literary figure whose personality marked indelibly both his island and his work.

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Georgios Rigas

, , 1884 - 1960
  He was born in Skiathos on 20th November 1884 and he was related to Papadiamantis on his mother's side. He attended Varvakio for two years where Alexandros Moraitidis taught and in 1901 he received his diploma from the Didaskalion of Athens. In the same year he was appointed in a teaching position in Skiathos where he remained until 1940.In 1920 he attended the Hieratical frontistirion of the Rizarios School for a year. He was ordained priest and immediately became intendant and a prelatic church warden of Skiathos. He died in Athens on 11 July 1960 and his funeral was held on his island with all the inhabitant's pesence.
   He was involved from his early years with the folklore of his island supported by his collective ability and conscientious nature. At the same time he showed his love for Byzantine music and hymnography. He had a close relationship from his early years with both Alexandros Papadiamantis and Alexandros Moraitidis and this helped him later, in his intellectual pursuits and performance. Georgios Rigas was a tireless and creative researcher, an authority on matters of the Church Ritual and a folklore researcher characterised by scientific observation, conscientiousness and gravity. He was also a methodic teacher and a master of liturgy. His presence in the school and the church of Skiathos has remained historic.

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Epifanios-Stefanos Dimitriadis

  Epifanios-Stefanos Dimitriadis was born in Skiathos in 1760 and belonged to a noble family of the island. He learned the first things in Skiathos and later attended schools in Pelio, Ambelakia, Constantinople and in places bordering on the Danube. He started working in Bucharest for the leader Nikolaos Mavrogenis together with Rigas Fereos (a very famous author and fighter for the liberation of Greece ). As a result, the two men became close friends and partners. His acquaintance with such a passionate personality as that of Rigas obviously influenced deeply the inquiring mind of Epifanios Dimitriadis.
   In 1787 he returned to Greece, first in Skiathos and then in Hydra and Poros. He also travelled in Agio Oros (the mount of Athos), Constantinople, Moldavia and Bucharest. In 1802 he was appointed voivod in Skiathos and in 1803-1805 he was appointed voivod in Alonisos. His contribution to the pre-revolutionary movements of Vlahavas, Stathas and Nikotsaras was very important. In 1807 he attended the assembly which was held in the monastery of Evagelistria where he met Theodoros Kolokotronis. After 1811 he travelled throughout Greece and taught in many places. In the beginning of the revolution he was in Kea but he immediately returned to Skiathos in order to encourage his fellow - country men to participate in the fight. In September 1821 he fought in the fall of Tripolis in Peloponissos while he continuously offered, until his last moment, in the fight of Greece for freedom both his military and his teaching skills. He died in 1827 in Skiathos.
   He was a prolific writer and cultivated all forms of both prose and poetry. Among his many works, he himself published only two. He wrote with ease both in ancient and modern Greek but he also knew French and Italian. He knew very well history and was well-grounded in philosophy and literature. His teaching lectures which were encouraged by his knowledge of Greek and his fervent patriotism was a real guideline for the enslaved Greek people. Epifanios -Stefanos Dimitriadis is a very important representative of the Hellenic Enlightenment and is one of the nation's teachers.

This text is cited Sep 2002 from the Municipality of Skiathos URL below, which contains image.

Demetriadis Georgios

, , 1760 - 1824

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