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The historical process

  The town continues her walk to the future respecting the past. The history of Preveza is strictly connected with its position in the area.
  The place where Preveza is built, is located at ht South West edge of Epirus, at he entrance of Amvrakikos gulf, just opposite the Aktion, in a very small distance from Ancient Nikopolis of which Preveza is the continuation of Colonism.
  The settling appears in the middle of the 11th Century. The strategic as well as the commercial significance of its place was very important so that attracted a lot of new settlers, but conquerors as well.
  For the first time, it's mentioned with its recent name, at the end of 13th Century in "Moreus Chronic". 200 years later, during 1495, has been selected by the Turks to serve as a military port.
   In the middle of the 15th Century, it was the object of a strong conflict between the Turks and their rivals, the Venetians. So that more than once, Preveza changed conquerors, until the Passarovits’ treaty in 1718, that was granted to Venetians (10 - 21 July 1718) who kept it under their occupation, until the fall of their Empire on 1797.
  At that moment, the possession of Preveza was taken over by French who however, were expelled by Ali Pasha the following year, remaining until her liberation, under the Othomanic possession.
  The crucial period for the development and the expansion of a settling into a town was the period of the Venetian occupation, as well as that of Ali Pasha.
  Both of them, (Turks and Venetians) constructed castles rescued until today, (the castle of Agios Andreas, of Agios Georgios, Pantokratoras).
  Ali Pasha built at Preveza his summer palace, at the place known nowadays as "Paleiosaraga", nearby the spas. His most important construction however, was, the wall (DAPIA), which surrounded the town and offered protection to the residents and to their commercial activities.
  Until the Second World War, Preveza was the centre of transports of Epirus, as well as the port for military provisions, at the Northwest Greece. (The war of 1897, the Balkan wars, the first and the Second World War).
  This special character of the town, attracted inhabitants from other places of Epirus and the Ionian islands, as well. Among them, were the Italians, who kept a colony at Preveza, with a catholic church built in 1568, which is rescued until nowadays.
  The Juice colony was also important, with a school and synagogue, at the place, where the O.T.E. office is located today.
This text (extract) is cited July 2003 from the Municipality of Preveza tourist pamphlet.

Catastrophes of the place

By earthquake 375 AD

NIKOPOLIS (Archaeological site) EPIRUS

Foundation/Settlement of the place

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