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History (4)

Foundation/Settlement of the place

Founded by the Andrii

Acanthus, a city situated on the isthmus of Athos; it was founded by the Andrii, and from it many call the gulf the Acanthian Gulf.


Acantians' revolt from Athens (424 BC)

Such were the words of Brasidas. The Acanthians, after much had been said on both sides of the question, gave their votes in secret, and the majority, influenced by the seductive arguments of Brasidas and by fear for their fruit, decided to revolt from Athens; not however admitting the army until they had taken his personal security for the oaths sworn by his government before they sent him out, assuring the independence of the allies whom he might bring over.

Acanthus in the Atheneans & Lacedaemonians treaty

...The cities referred to are Argilus, Stagirus, Acanthus, Scolus, Olynthus, and Spartolus. These cities shall be neutral, allies neither of the Lacedaemonians nor of the Athenians; but if the cities consent, it shall be lawful for the Athenians to make them their allies, provided always that the cities wish it.

Official pages

Οlympiada was founded in 1924, after by the refugees that came here from Saint Kiriaki in Asia Minor after their exil in 1922. According to historians, this region is the most important in Halkidiki because here ancient Stagira once stood. Ancient Stagira is found East of Olympiada at a distance of 700 metres, in an area called Liotopi. That is where, in 1990, the important archaeological excavations took place. By King Kassandros command, Olympiada, mother of Alexander the Great, was exiled from ancient Stagira and sent to the island of Kapros (Boar) which is found opposite current Olympiada. The island of Kapros is also reported by the ancient geographer Stravona. He also mentioned that the harbour of the city carried the same name. During the Turkish domination the harbour of Olympiada was used for the pressuring of timber. In this area, there were certain huts, in which the refugees took shelter after their arrival.

This text is cited March 2004 from the Municipality of Stagira-Akanthos URL below

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