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The fetters of the Lacedaemonians

The Lacedaemonians with Charillus leading marched against Tegea having misunderstood a divination . They had also taken with them fetters to tie the Tegeans they would capture. But it turned out that the Tegeans won the battle, so they captured the Lacedaemonians, tied them with their own fetters and made them work at the Tegean fields as slaves (Ekd. Athinon, Pausaniou Periegissis, vol. 2, p. 323, note 2). Hanging up are the fetters, except such as have been destroyed by rust, worn by the Lacedaemonian prisoners when they dug the plain of Tegea (Paus. 8,47,2).

...When the Lacedaemonians heard the oracle reported, they left the other Arcadians alone and marched on Tegea carrying chains, relying on the deceptive oracle. They were confident they would enslave the Tegeans, but they were defeated in battle.Those taken alive were bound in the very chains they had brought with them, and they measured the Tegean plain with a rope by working the fields. The chains in which they were bound were still preserved in my day, hanging up at the temple of Athena Alea.

Nations & tribes

The old parishes of Tegea

The Tegeans say that in the time of Tegeates, son of Lycaon, only the district got its name from him, and that the inhabitants dwelt in parishes, Gareatae, Phylacenses, Caryatae, Corythenses, Potachidae, Oeatae, Manthyrenses, Echeuethenses. But in the reign of Apheidas a ninth parish was added to them, namely Apheidantes.

Participation in the fights of the Greeks

Battle of Thermopylae

The Hellenes who awaited the Persians in that place were these: three hundred Spartan armed men; one thousand from Tegea and Mantinea, half from each place; one hundred and twenty from Orchomenus in Arcadia and one thousand from the rest of Arcadia; that many Arcadians, four hundred from Corinth, two hundred from Phlius, and eighty Mycenaeans. These were the Peloponnesians present; from Boeotia there were seven hundred Thespians and four hundred Thebans.

Battle of Plataea

The Spartans chose the Tegeans for their neighbors in the battle, both to do them honor, and for their valor; there were of these fifteen hundred men-at-arms.


Battle of Tegea, 473 BC

Argos getting stronger, joined with cities of Arcadia to present opposition to Sparta. In the battle Spartan wins but not decisively.

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