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Against Lacedaemonians

Pausanias mentions three battles between Lacedaemonians and Megalopolitans. The last one was the most important, because Cleomenes of Sparta seized Megalopolis and caused severe damages. The Megalopolitans had managed to win only the first of those three battles (Paus. 8,27,11-15).

Benefactors of the place


Son of Cleommis, or of Polymnis, his life, his gentle temper, at battle of Leuctra, founds Megalopolis, and Messene, puts down Lacedaemonian decemvirates, deceived by oracle, slain at battle of Mantinea, his tomb, his glory, picture of E., statues.

Foundation/Settlement of the place

The co-settlement of Megalopolis

Megalopolis was united into one city in the same year, but a few months later, as occurred the defeat of the Lacedaemonians at Leuctra, when Phrasicleides was archon at Athens, in the second year of the hundred and second Olympiad, when Damon of Thurii was victor in the foot-race (Paus. 8,27,8). Pausanias refers to the year 371 BC, but it has been widely accepted that the Arcadian towns united to form Megalopolis in the year 368 BC, the same year that Archidamus of Sparta had won a battle against the Arcadians, the Messenians and the Argives without any Spartan losses (Ekd. Athinon, Pausaniou Periegissis, vol. 4, p. 293, note 2).


Founders of Megalopolis

There were chosen as founders by the Arcadians, Lycomedes and Hopoleas of Mantineia, Timon and Proxenus of Tegea, Cleolaus and Acriphius of Cleitor, Eucampidas and Hieronymus of Maenalus, Possicrates and Theoxenus of the Parrhasians.

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