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The Arcadian League

   The Arcadian League, established some time after the battle of Leuctra (B.C. 371), when the victory of Epaminondas had destroyed the supremacy of Sparta in the Peloponnesus and restored the independence of the Arcadian towns. The Arcadian League succeeded in giving unity to the Arcadians for only a short time, however, and its influence soon declined.

This text is from: Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities. Cited Nov 2002 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks


EGYTIS (Ancient area) ARKADIA
The place was under Spartan dominion until Epaminondas helped the Arcadians take it and annex it to Megalopolis (Papyrus-Larousse-Britannica Encyclopedia, p. 332).

Participation in the fights of the Greeks

Battle of Thermopylae

The Hellenes who awaited the Persians in that place were these: three hundred Spartan armed men; one thousand from Tegea and Mantinea, half from each place; one hundred and twenty from Orchomenus in Arcadia and one thousand from the rest of Arcadia; that many Arcadians, four hundred from Corinth, two hundred from Phlius, and eighty Mycenaeans. These were the Peloponnesians present; from Boeotia there were seven hundred Thespians and four hundred Thebans.

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AZANIA (Ancient area) ARKADIA
Stefanos Byzantios; "Azania has seventeen towns".


Epariti (eparitoi)

Epariti (eparitoi). A corps of picked troops in Arcadia, which was formed to preserve the independence of the Arcadian towns, when they became united as one State after the defeat of the Spartans at Leuctra. They were 5000 in number, and were paid by the State. Cf. Hesych. s. v. eparoetoi: Thirlwall, v. 90.

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