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Krenides springs (Philippi)

In 360 359 B.C., colonists from Thasos, led by the exiled Athenian (from Aphidnae deme) politician and rhetor, Kallistratos, founded a city on this site which they called Krenides springs from the abundant springs at the foot of the hill where the ancient settlement was made.


On the opposite coast of Thrace the Thasians held Stryme, Galepsus, Osyme, Daton, Scaptesyle

The place was conquered by:

By Philip II (4th c. B.C.) & the Romans (196 B.C.)



  Island in the northern Aegean Sea, along the coast of Thracia.
  Thasos owed its name to the mythological hero Thasus, a son of the Phoenician king Agenor, and brother of Cadmus, Cilix , Phoenix and Europa. It is while running after his sister Europa, abducted by Zeus to become the mother of the Cretan king Minos, that Thasus eventually settled in the island to which he gave his name.

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