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IOLKOS (Ancient city) VOLOS
Iolcos. City of southern Thessalia. Iolcos was famous for being the birthplace of Jason, the leader of the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece.
  Iolcos was founded by Cretheus, a son of Aeolus. Cretheus married his niece Tyro, whom he had raised in his house. Aeson is the son of Cretheus who succeeded his father on the throne of Iolcos. He married Polymede, the daughter of Autolycus and, from her, had a son named Jason. But Pelias and Neleus both wanted Aeson's throne. In their fight for the throne, Pelias won and became king of Iolcos. Pelias married Anaxibia, daughter of his nephew Bias, and had a son named Acastus.
  Meanwhile, Jason was being raised in Mount Pelion (a mountain near Iolcos) by Chiron the wise Centaur until he was old enough to go back to Iolcos claim the kingdom of his father. But when he did come, dressed with a panther's hide, and with a bare left foot, Pelias, reminded of an oracle that had told him to be wary of the man wearing one single shoe, sent him in an expedition to bring him the Golden Fleece back from Colchis, hoping that he would die along the way.

Bernard Suzanne (page last updated 1999), ed.
This extract is cited July 2003 from the Plato and his dialogues URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks.

Population movements

Minyae - Iolcus

They say that some of the Minyae emigrated from there to Iolcus, and that from this fact the Argonauts were called Minyae.

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