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  City of Asia Minor, south of Clazomenae. Teos was part of the Ionian Confederacy, the Paniones, grouping cities founded in Asia Minor by Ionians fleeing what was to become Achaia, in northern Peloponnese, where they had earlier settled the southern shores of the gulf of Corinth west of Sicyon, when the area was conquered by Achaeans who gave it their name. When the Persians of Harpagus, a general of Cyrus the Great, invaded Ionia around 545B. C., the citizens of Teos, along with those of Phocaea, were the only ones not to submit to the Persians. The people of Teos fled north and founded the city of Abdera in Thracia.

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Participation in the fights of the Greeks

Naval Battle of Lade, 494 BC

The city sent 17 ships to the battle of Lade

The place was conquered by:

Persians under Harpagus, general of Cyrus

Population movements

Teians founded Abdera

Colonizations by the inhabitants


  Amasis became a philhellene, and besides other services which he did for some of the Greeks, he gave those who came to Egypt the city of Naucratis to live in; and to those who travelled to the country without wanting to settle there, he gave lands where they might set up altars and make holy places for their gods. Of these the greatest and most famous and most visited precinct is that which is called the Hellenion, founded jointly by the Ionian cities of Chios, Teos, Phocaea, and Clazomenae, the Dorian cities of Rhodes, Cnidus, Halicarnassus, and Phaselis, and one Aeolian city, Mytilene.

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