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Greeks of the Homeric Catalogue of Ships

Trojan War

ARNI (Ancient city) VIOTIA
Arne participated in the Trojan War and is listed in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships. He calls it "polystaphylon" (= "rich in vines"). (Il. 2.507, 7.9).


Areithous the Corynetes & Phylomedusa

Areithous, surnamed Corynetes, was the husband of Phylomedusa and father of Menesthius, king of Arne (Il. 7.10). He was slain by Lycurgus, king of Tegea (Il. 7.134, also see Paus. 8,4,10).

Areithous (Areithoos), king of Arne in Boeotia, and husband of Philomedusa, is called in the Iliad (vii. 8, &c.) korunetes, because he fought with no other weapon but a club. He fell by the hand of the Arcadian Lycurgus, who drove him into a narrow defile, where he could not make use of his club. Erythalion, the friend of Lycurgus, wore the armour of Areithous in the Trojan war. (Hom. Il. vii. 138, &c.) The tomb of Areithous was shewn in Arcadia as late as the time of Pausanias (viii. 11.3). There is another mythical personage of this name in the Iliad (xx. 487).


He was the son of king Areithous and was slain by Paris (Il. 7.9).

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