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Trojan Allies


Homer calls the Paeonians "with their long spears" and "lords of chariots" (Il. 21.155, 16.287). They participated in the Trojan War under the leadership of Pyraechmes on the side of the Trojans (Il. 2.848).



Homer calls the country "deep-soiled" (Il. 17.350, 21,154).



Son of Pelegon, grandson of the fluvial god Axius and Periboea, and leader of the Paeonians in the Trojan War, who was slain by Achilles (Il. 12.102, 21.137).

Asteropaeus (Asteropaios), a son of Pelegon, and grandson of the river-god Axius, was the commander of the Paeonians in the Trojan war, and an ally of the Trojans. He was the tallest among all the men, and fought with Achilles, whom he at first wounded, but was afterwards killed by him. (Hom. Il. xxi. 139, &c.; Philostr. Heroic. xix. 7)

Trojan heroes of the Trojan War and their allies


A Paeonian, who was slain by Achilles (Il. 21.210).


He was the son of Hippasus and came from Paeonia (Il. 17.348).

(Apisaon). A Paeonian, the son of Hippasus, who aided Priam at Troy with an army, but was killed by Lycomedes.


A Paeonian, who was slain by Achilles (Il. 21.209).


A Paeonian, who was slain by Achilles (Il. 21.210).


A Paeonian, who was slain by Achilles (Il. 21.210).



Father of Apisaon (Il. 17.348).


The son of the river Axius by Periboea, the daughter of Acessamenus, and father of Asteropaeus (Il. 16.141).

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