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Ancient towns


A city of Troas and seat of the king Mynes (Il. 2.690).



Son of Ardys, father of Briseis (Il. 1.392, 9.132, 9.274).

Briseus, the father of Briseis, was a son of Ardys and king of the Leleges at Pedasus, or a priest at Lyrnessus. (Hom. Il. i. 392, ii. 689.) Briseus is said to have hanged himself when he lost his daughter. (Dict. Cret. ii. 17.)



She was the daughter of Altes, king of the Leleges in Pedasus, and mother of Lycaon and Polydorus by Priam (Ill. 21.85, 22.48).



King of the Leleges in Pedasus, father of Laothoe (Il. 21.85, 22.51).


He was the son of Selepus, king of Lyrnessus, father of Epistrophus and Mynes (Il. 2.693).

Mynes & Briseis

He was a son of Evenus, grandson of Selepus and brother of Epistrophus (Il. 2.692, 19.296).
Briseis was the daughter of Briseus from Lyrnessus and wife of Mynes, who was captured by Achilles but Agamemnon took her away from him, resulting his wrath, which constituted the subject of the Iliad (Il. 1.184, 335, 345, 9.107, 19.261, 281, 24.676). Her proper name was Hippodamia.

Briseis. The daughter of Briseus of Lyrnessus, who fell into the hands of Achilles, but was seized by Agamemnon. Hence arose the dire feud between the two heroes. Her proper name was Hippodamia.

Hippodameia. The real name of Briseis (the daughter of Brises), the beloved slave of Achilles. She was originally married to Mynes, who was slain by Achilles at the taking of Lyrnesus. ( Hom. Il. i. 184; Hom. Il. ii. 689, xix. 291, &c. ; Dictys Cret. ii. 17.)

Trojan heroes of the Trojan War and their allies


He was an ally of the Trojans and was slain by Agamemnon (Il. 6.33).


He was a son of Evenus, brother of Mynes and was slain by Achilles during the attack against Lyrnessus (Il. 2.692).

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