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The island of the Sun

When Zeus and the immortals were dividing the earth among them, Rhodes was not yet visible in the expanse of the sea, but the island was hidden in the salty depths. Helios was absent, and no one marked out a share for him; in fact they left him without any allotment of land, although he was a holy god. And when Helios mentioned it, Zeus was about to order a new casting of lots, but Helios did not allow him. For he said that he himself saw in the gray sea, growing from the bottom, a rich, productive land for men, and a kindly one for flocks, thereafter be (Helios) own prize of honor. There grew from the waters of the sea an island, which is held by the birthgiving father of piercing rays, the ruler of fire-breathing horses. And there he once lay with Rhodes, and begat seven sons who inherited from him the wisest minds in the time of earlier men; and of these one begat Cameirus, and Ialysus the eldest, and Lindus.

This extract is from: Pindar. Odes (ed. Diane Arnson Svarlien, 1990). Cited Oct 2002 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains comments & interesting hyperlinks.

The Island of Roses

The rock rose is so plentiful and exuberant that Rhodes is often called the Island of Roses.

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