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Mountain climbing on Crete


Hillside of Spathiou

The second most impressive slope in Crete after GIGALO. It is situated above the plains of LASITHI in the plateau of LIMNAKARO and it is on the hillside of SPATHIOU. On the slope, 14 courses have been opened from IV to VI+ difficulty. None of the above are outfitted with permenant safe guards. Because of this, only competent climbers with proper gear should attempt this.



Rock climbing beside the sea in Kalathas in Hania Province. These rocks don't exceed 15 meters, but all of them have a difficulty level of IV - VII. There are about 30 courses and variations. Kalathas is 10 km outside of the city of HANIA on the peninsula of AKROTIRI All courses have top-rope safe guards


Agiofaraggo is located beside the KALOUS LIMNES in southern part of Iraklio province. Six courses have been opened which are 50 metres high. The difficulty level ranges from V to VII.


Asterousia mountain, summit of Kofina

In the Asterousia mountain range in southern part of Iraklio province, the village of Kapetaniana sits beside the tall summit of Kofina It has, outside of the locals, an established Austrian couple who have installed the entire climbing area with permenant safe guards. The climbing routes are not very tall, only from 15m to 60m, but the difficulty ranges from IV-VIII. To follow the route, only small riggings are necessary.



The villages of Zagoria are uniquely endowed with extraordinary natural beauty, a vast temperate forest ecosystem, distinctive architecture, cultural wealth and the sheer romance of an ancient way of life. From the Slavic word meaning 'behind the mountains,' Zagoria is defined by the Gamila (Tymfi) and Mitsikeli Mountains as well as the Aoos River. It is a part of the massive Pindus Mountain Range that stretches from Albania to Central Greece.



These rocks are found above the Iraklio - Agio Nikalaou National Road in the area of KOKKINI CHANI. Kopsias encompasses a climbing area in which the rocks don't exceed 60 meters in height. About 20 courses have been opened with level of difficulty from IV to VIII.


Exactly below the bridge of the Iraklio-Rethimno National Road is the beach of Paliokastro. On the right side is a 15 metre rock which has 3 courses with a difficulty level from V to VII. There are also parallel routes with a similar difficulty. The safeguards of the courses use Top-rope.


At Gouma Rizomaton location

SAMARIA (National Park) CHANIA


The most impressive climbing slope in Crete. It is exactly above the SAMARIA GORGE. The approach to the site demands a one hour walk from the hiking trail or from the entrace to the gorge, KSILOSKALO. About 15 courses have been opened and there are many parellel ones. The difficulty level ranges from V to VII, at the most. Because of the rough terrain, there is no rigging for permenent safe gaurds. The height ranges from 400m to 800m. This site is for those who worship challenging courses.


On the AKROTIRI Peninsula, 14 km outside of the city of HANIA, is the beach of Stavros. The climbing slope raises behind the beach. There are 6 courses ranging in height from 60-80 metres and difficulty levels from V - VII. There are no interim safguards except relay.


Therissos gorge

Just outside of Hania is Crete's climbing paradise - the Therissos gorge. Along the road to the village of Therissos, there are several V-VIII courses. Many are well safe-guarded. Therissos is 14 miles southwest from the city of Hania.

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The number and variety of athletic facilities in Xilokastro is truly remarkable for a city of its size.



At Logga lake


Fishing & swimming at Goura tributary




Sea games on August.

Acropolis Rally

Departure: Eleftherochori - Finish Mendenitsa

KEFALOS (Small town) KOS

Pandodekanissos Games

Middle May


Xopaterios Race

, , 14/2/2002

Αγώνας δρόμου προς τιμήν του μεσαρίτη ήρωα Ιωσαάφ Ξωπατέρα. Ακολουθεί γλέντι με παραδοσιακά γλυκίσματα, χορό και τραγούδι, καθώς και ομιλία για τη ζωή και το έργο του Ιωσαάφ Ξωπατέρα.

Pamesaritiki Student Track Events

, , 25/3/2002Tel: +30 28920 22251-23240


Back Gammon Champion

It is organized in July by Apandahou Kioton Society (people of Kios origin worldwide).


FRASTA (Settlement) ARTA



Kayak at Moglenitsa river

FRASTA (Settlement) ARTA

Plaka bridge - Skoupa (Kardamos)



Adventures in Crete

Rock clibing, Hiking trails, Parapente, Mountai shelters

The island of the Sponge Fishers and Rock Climbing


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Courses of climbing, walking, cycling, rafting, rowing in the lake

  Whichever the sports you prefer are, get ready to enjoy them! You see, Kavala and its beauties prepare your best humor! You are going to have the possibility to enjoy your favorite water-sports and games at almost all of its shores. At some of them, you can get help by experienced trainers in order to exercise a new to you sport.
  The sails swell in the wind and the try of steering the boat makes you feel the excitement of sailing, an experience you can have in Kavala by the available Sailing and Water-sports Clubs which have a long tradition in this.
  Within the hotel complexes you can find tennis-courts, basketball, and volleyball grounds available to you and your friends. But the variety of sporting chances doesn't stop at the seaside, it extends also on to the highlands.
  Mount Pangeon, with its refuges offers the unique experience of climbing. For the feeling of freedom skiing offers to its fans, there is an organized ski resort in the Orpheus Valley.
  Kavala of the mountain and water sports is a challenging reality. The entertainment here can have modern or traditional style. Its purpose can be the tranquil or the dynamic relaxation, the warm friendly talk or the pursuit of tension and excitement. Anyway, Kavala has a proposal for any case, for all seasons and all tastes. The small traditional cafes of the port, the neighborhoods and the center of the city, offer you a pleasant break during the daytime. If you have enough time, you can challenge your friends to bet on a backgammon game about who is going to pay the traditional Greek coffee, the "ouzo" (traditional Greek drink) or the dessert you will order.
  In the coastal taverns, sitting in the fresh shade of the trees, hearing the waves of the sea, you may enjoy the unbelievable variety of small traditional "dishes" of Kavala. From the beginning to the end of the seashores, inside and also around the city, the reflection of the lights of the night-clubs and pubs is glowing in the waters every night, as they are placed right above the sea, with original drinks and fine music for all the tastes and all the ages. You could visit them in turn and finish your night in a nightclub with live music.

This text is cited January 2005 from the Kavala Municipality Tourist Enterprise URL below, which contains images


Athletic sports centers & activities

PORTARIA (Municipal unit) VOLOS

  The Municipality of Portaria in collaboration with other municipal institutions (comitees, cultural and athletic associations) realizes a series of Athletic Programmes within its facilities, which include football field with grass, 5X5 grounds, tennis and basket-ball courts.
  Every year for two days in September a motor-race is organized for the "Portaria Ascent".
  This race is one of the best itineraries and includes participants from all over the world, attracting a great number of afficionados of this sport, who like exciting experiences.
  Another Municipal programme in collaboration with the General Sports Secretariate, are the «Centaur Itineraries» (hiking and trekking), a new programme planned for residents and visitors. This programme includes trekking, guided tours and visits, and offers entertainment, action, contact with nature and also information on history, myths and traditions of the Centaurs' mountain.

This text is cited September 2004 from the Municipality of Portaria URL below, which contains image

Mountain Bike


Alpine Club of Meteora - Aspropotamos

Tel: +30 24320 24446



Michas (Tsapournia) - Moungila - Olonos

Walk - Alpine climbing. (Following URL information in Greek only)

Alpine Club of Ioannina

(Following URL information in Greek only)


(Following URL information in Greek only)


Climbing - Trekking

  The presence of the imposing massif of Voras (2,524m), Pinovo (2,145m), Tzena (2,182m), Paiko (1,650m) and Vermion (2,027m) creates the ideal conditions for climbing and mountain hiking in the Prefecture of Pella.
  The possibility of approaching inaccessible areas, usually undisturbed by human intervention, the changing landscape and the variable level of difficulty of the available paths constitutes a challenge for a lot of people.
  The European Path E4/6, which starts from the Pyrennes and connects, through a network of mountain paths, the European Countries of the Mediterranean Sea, traverses Voras. The crossing of the Ramno-Bor (Isso Pefko) gorge in the area of Loutra Lourtakiou constitutes one of the most exciting mountain experiences, since it leads to the springs of Agios Nikolaos current, where water and vegetation compose a beautiful scenery.
  Acknowledging the particularity and the potentials of the region, many mountain associations form all over Greece, organize "rambles" during the last years to the mountainous region of Pella.
This text (extract) is cited October 2003 from the Pella Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet.

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3-5 PIGADIA (Ski centre) NAOUSSA


The River Aheron affords river sports enthusiasts the opportunity to travel downstream a scenically impressive waterway. Travelling downstream begins at the village of Serziana. Then it follows a course running towards the Gate of Hades and the Aheron Narrows in succession and ranking low in difficulty. The following section incorporates numerous places in the river of average difficulty (grade 2-4) and several impossible-to-cross points of the course. Ideal period for river sports activities is from December to April.

Το κείμενο παρατίθεται τον Μάρτιο 2004 από την ακόλουθη ιστοσελίδα του Δήμου Φαναρίου


Askyfo Plains

If the wind is East or even if it is still, it is always worthwhile to take a trip above Askufo. The small rural road which is 4 km above the village, will lead you to the takeoff which is situated on the mountain peak. Askufo plain, even in dead calm, produces a strong wind current which is capable of keeping you in the air for hours. The landing in the plateau certainly will not be one of the easiest things that you have done but, why not try? The elevation variance is 450m


In the eastern part of central Crete, in the village of Abdou, there is another parapente site. The elevation variance is 350m and the oreintation is to the North. The small plain around the village offers breathtaking excitement and flights with good takeoff and landing.



Above the ancient city of Falarasana, modern wings fly. With the air coming fresh from the sea and the touch of the hillside, you will find yourself flying above the ancient city. The orientation of the flight is West and the elevation variance is 150-200m. The strong winds however are capable of lifting you even higher. Falarasana is located in the western part of Crete.



An area in which you can see many unique beauties is the plateau of Lassithi. It is possible do many things: to hike, to explore caves in nearby Dikti Andro, and to fly parapente from the village of Kaminaki. The village is situated at the end of the plateau. It has a Northern orientation with a elevation variance of 300m. There is a mountainous rural road which leads to the takeoff which is relatively good. The landing, of course, is below in the village in which the willing and hospitable Cretan people will offer you the traditional drink, "tsikoudia". And after a nice flight, it's worth it.

Kourna Lake

About 50 km, outside the city of Hania is the lake of Kourna. With Northern and North-eastern oreintation and with an elevation variance of 550 m. this certainly is a unique flight. The hillside around the lake produces a strong current, which will make your flight interesting and last for hours.

George Antonakakis, ed.
This text is cited Oct 2002 from the Multimedia Systems Center URL below.







Omalos Plains

One of the most beautiful flights in Crete in the plains of Omalos. It is situated about 45 km outside of the city of Hania. The takeoff site is at the end of the road for the Kallergi shelter and its orientation is Northwest-West. The takeoff is not very easy and the ground is rocky, but the flights from here are magical. You fly exactly beside the gorge of Samaria and Gigalo mountain. The elevation variance is 640 m.





In the most visited part of Crete, beside the road of Hersonissos and Malia, you will find an amazing slope. It has a Northern orientation. The elevation variance can be from 150 to 300 metres. The site is above the village of Stalida and the approach is very easy. You can almost reach the takeoff point entirely by car.


Barupetro is situated only 7 km outside Hania. A small rural road begins outside of the village and leads to the takeoff which has an elevation variance of 150m. It has Northern orientation and the view is amazing - below you are the White Mountains and the lake of Agia.





Rafting at Aliakmon, by Trekking Hellas


Rafting at Moglenitsa river

Water sports

  In a place, which is well known for the affluence of superficial water resources, water-sports win progressively more and more fans.
  Until the end of the last decade, only the Yachting Clubs of Edessa and Giannitsa made advantage of the potential that the region offered, by training their athletes in Lake Vegoritis and in the River Loudias.
  Nowadays, new tourist products are offered, among which the descents on kayak-rafting in the River Moglenitsas and boating in Lakes Vegoritis and Agra-Nisiou-Vritton stand out, which provide the potential of a closer contact with the nature for the visitor.
  In addition, during the last years, a modern Rowing Center by the River Loudias was created to cover the needs for sports, and also recreation, and to become a new tourist pole.
This text (extract) is cited October 2003 from the Pella Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet.


Rappel at Vouraikos gorge

Photo Album in URL, information in Greek only.




Swimming & Navigation

Sea sports


Canoe, hydrobike, windsurfing, row. Boats with outboard motors or other power-drive devices are forbidden on the lake.


Limnakarou shelter

The shelter is found in the area of Anestassi, above the west side of the Limnakaro plains. It is about one hour and 45 minutes from Agios Georgios. (Details & photo in the following URL)


Tavris Askifou shelter

This shelter is situated in the plateau above the village of Askyfo in the Sfakia region. The shelter was built on land donated by the mountaineer, Christos Christodoulakhs from Askufo. Its construction began in 1988 and finished in 1992. In the plataeu of Tavris Niato and in the summits of Kastro, the mountaineers of Hania have accomplished ascents since 1930. In Askyfo and in Tavris, they used for the first time Sking in Crete in 1955. (Details & photo in the following URL)

DION (Municipality) PIERIA

Toubotos Prinos shelter

The shelter is 3 hours and 45 minutes from Fourfoura, where the road leads to the village Kouroutes and to the shelter. Toubotos is situated in the western slopes of the Psiloritis mountains with a view of the White Mountains and the Libian Sea. To stay there, you must get in touch with the Hiking club of Rethymno. (Details & photo in the following URL)


Volika shelter

The shelter is situated on the western slopes of the White Mountains. It is surrounded by the summits of Spathi, Venizelos and Agio Pnevma which offer summer and winter climbing adventures. The mountain shelter of Bolika was the first mountainer shelter built in Crete. It is 3-hour hike from the village of Kavi to the shelter. It is possible to go faster if you use the mountainous rural roads, which require only about an hour of hiking. (Details & photo in the following URL)

Prinos (Psiloriti) shelter

The shelter services the summits of Gyristi (1779 m) and Koudouni (1860 m) as well as many crossing hiking routes. In the gorge, there are three 60m rock climbing routes with a difficulty of VI. There are two ways to get to the shelter. From the village of Ano Assites, head towards the village of Prinas On your right as you leave the village, there is a dirt road which is labeled at the junctions until the area of the "bee hives". There you will meet an entrance. Soon afterwhich a path begins leading to the gorge. The route of the path is very well labelled. The hike is from 1-1/2 to 2 hours.
From the village of Kato Assites, you can drive to the Monastery of Gorgoleni and continue along a dirt road towards the dry fields in which there is a cement tank. From here, leave the car and after a 20 minute walk, you will arrive at the shelter. (Details & photo in the following URL)


Katsiveli - Svourichtis shelter

This is a small and picturesque mountain shelter. It is situated in the center of the White Mountains. To get to the shelter, you need about 6 hours of hiking from the Kallergi shelter or about 7 hours from the Xiloskalo. There is an alternative route, from the village of Anopoli in the Sfakia area, which takes about 6 hours. It is possible to go faster if you use the mountainous rural roads, which demand only 3 hours of hiking. (Details & photo in the following URL)


SAMARIA (National Park) CHANIA

Kallergi shelter

It is the jewel of the White Mountains. The hike from OMALOS is about 1-1/2 hours or 5 km along a rural road. The shelter is situated above the gorge of SAMARIA with a unique view of the White Mountains. It is open from April until the end of October to welcome hikers and tired travellers. (Περισσότερα στοιχεία & φωτογραφία στην ακόλουθη ιστοσελίδα)

  The mountain refuge at Kalergis can be reached from a road on the left, 1km before the entrance to Samaria. It is about 5km uphill. The refuge is at 1,680 metres above sea level and can provide comfortable overnight accommodation (40 beds). Some major paths to the peaks of the Lefka Ori start from here. Details can be found at the EOT office in Chania or through the Mountaineering Club of Chania.

This text is cited Nov 2002 from the Crete TOURnet URL below, which contains images.

Ski resorts


Ski Centre

  During winter the snow in this area is abundant and a downhill ski centre operates at the base of the summit of Psiloritis. After you reach the plateau of Nida and the road starts to wind down there is a right turn that leads to the ski centre.

This text is cited Dec 2002 from the Crete TOURnet URL below, which contains images.





Sports centres


Windsport Center of Macedonia-Thrace

  At the foot of the mountain Voras and at a distance of 28 kilometers from Edessa, the Windsport Center of Macedonia-Thrace is located. It was founded in 1976 on the initiative of the Aviation Club of Edessa.
  The ideal conditions for the exercise in wind sports that prevail, with favorable upward currents for glidering and with dynamic currents in a mountainside for parapente, contributed decisively to the international acknowledgement of the Center and to the attraction of a considerable number of wind-sport fanatics in the region.
  One of the most important activities that the Aviation Club of Edessa exercises is the operation of a pilot school, while the organization of national championship contests of parapente, as well as the demonstrations of acrobatic sail-flying and the famous "Kite Festival" on Shrove Monday stand out.
  The visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the unique thrills that wind-sports offer, seizing the possibility even for a flight on a sailplane or parachute, while all the preconditions for a pleasant stay are fulfilled in the guesthouse of the Center and in the traditional facilities of the neighboring villages.
This text (extract) is cited October 2003 from the Pella Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet.

Sports clubs


Aeroclub of Chania

Tel: +30 28210 66363, Fax: +30 28210 66363

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