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Εμφανίζονται 4 τίτλοι με αναζήτηση: Μυθολογία για το τοπωνύμιο: "ΛΕΒΑΔΕΙΑ Αρχαία πόλη ΒΟΙΩΤΙΑ".

Μυθολογία (4)

Ιστορικές προσωπικότητες


Νύμφη μητέρα του Ασπληδώνα, έδωσε το όνομά της στην πόλη που αργότερα ονόμασαν Λεβάδεια (Παυσ. 9,39,1).

Λέβαδος & Λαονίκη

Οταν ο Λέβαδος, ο γιος της Μίδειας, ήρθε από την Αθήνα, οι κάτοικοι μετέφεραν την πόλη χαμηλώτερα και την ονόμασαν Λεβάδεια. Η Λαονίκη ήταν σύζυγός του (Παυσ. 9,39,1).


Θεοί & ημίθεοι


Hercyna, (Herkuna), a divinity of the lower world, respecting whom the following tradition is related. She was a daughter of Trophonius, and once while she was playing with Cora, the daughter of Demeter in the grove of Trophonius, near Lebadeia in Boeotia, she let a goose fly away, which she carried in her hand. The bird flew into a cave, and concealed itself under a block of stone. When Cora pulled the bird forth from its hiding place, a well gushed forth from under the stone, which was called Hercvna. On the bank of the rivulet a temple was afterwards erected, with the statue of a maiden carrying a goose in her hand; and in the cave there were two statues with staves surrounded by serpents, Trophonius and Hercyna, resembling the statues of Asclepius and Hygeia. (Paus. ix. 39.2.) Hercyna founded the worship of Demeter at Lebadeia, who hence received the surname of Hercyna. (Lycoph. 153, with the note of Tzetzes.) Hercyna was worshipped at Lebadeia in common with Zeus, and sacrifices were offered to both in common. (Liv. xlv. 27.)

This text is from: A dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, 1873 (ed. William Smith). Cited Nov 2005 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

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