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STYX (Waterfall) EGIALIA
Charon, a son of Erebos, the aged and dirty ferryman in the lower world, who conveyed in his boat the shades of the dead--though only of those whose bodies were buried--across the rivers of the lower world. (Virg. Aen. vi. 295, &c.; Senec. Herc. fur. 764). For this service he was paid by each shade with an obolus or danace, which coin was placed in the mouth of every dead body previous to its burial. This notion of Charon seems to be of late origin, for it does not occur in any of the early poets of Greece (Paus. x. 28.1; Juven. iii. 267; Eustath. ad Hom.). Charon was represented in the Lesche of Delphi by Polygnotus.

Nike (victory)

Born of Pallas and Styx, altar of, bronze images of, gilt image, golden figures, figure of gold and ivory, in hand of Athena, in hand of Zeus, in chariot, in or on gables of temples, on crown of Nemesis, on eagles, four dancing figures of Victory at four feet of throne of Zeus, image of Victory on pillar dedicated by Messenians at Olympia, dedicated by Tegeans at Delphi, image of winged Victory, image and temple of Wingless Victory at Athens, cannot fly away.


Bia, the personification of mighty force, is described as the daughter of the Titan Pallas and Styx, and as a sister of Zelos, Cratos, and Nice. (Hesiod. Theog. 385; Aeschyl. Prom. 12)

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