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The Akhili of Achilles

ACHILI (Settlement) SKYROS
  Achilles’ mother, goddess Thetis, heard about a prophecy which said that her son would be killed in the Trojan War. Apart form all the other precautions that she took in order to prevent fate, she disguised Achilles as a woman, gave him the name "Pyrrha" (blonde) and hid him at Lykomedes’ palace. Achilles and the king’s daughter, Deidamia couldn't help falling in love. The result of their love was their son Pyrrhos (blond), whose descendant, Olympiada, gave birth to Alexander the Great. But Achilles didn’t escape his destiny. A fortuneteller revealed Achilles’ hideout and the Greeks sent Ulysses to bring him from Skyros in order to lead the war in Troy and bring back the beautiful Helen. The ingenious Ulysses got into Lycomedes’ court disguised as a merchant. In his basket he had jewels and weapons. Women chose the jewels, but Achilles chose a sword which revealed his male nature and was caught out. So he set off to the Trojan War and his heroic death from Akhili: The little haven of Skyros, which takes its name form Achilles, and every Skyrian today shows it to tourists with pride.
This text (extract) is cited July 2003 from the Municipality of Skyros tourist pamphlet.




Deidameia. Daughter of Lycomedes, in the island of Scyros. When Achilles was concealed there in maiden's attire, she became by him the mother of Pyrrhus or Neoptolemus.



Lycomedes (Lukomoedes). A king of the Dolopians, in the island of Scyros, near Euboea, father of Deidameia, and grandfather of Pyrrhus or Neoptolemus (Apollod. iii. 13. 8). Once when Theseus came to him, Lycomedes, dreading the influence of the stranger upon his own sub ects, thrust him down a rock. Some related that the cause of this violence was, that Lycomedes would not give up the estates which Theseus had in Scyros, or the circumstance that Lycomedes wanted to gain the favour of Menestheus. (Plut. Thes. 35; Paus. i. 17, in fin.; Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 1324; Soph. Phil. 243; Apollod. iii. 13).

Lycomedes (Lukomedes). A king of Scyros, an island in the Aegean Sea, son of Apollo and Parthenope. He was secretly intrusted with the care of young Achilles, whom his mother Thetis had disguised in feminine attire to prevent his going to the Trojan War, where she knew he must perish. Lycomedes rendered himself infamous for his treachery to Theseus, who had implored his protection when driven from the throne of Athens by the usurper Mnestheus. Lycomedes, as it is reported, either envious of the fame of his illustrious guest, or bribed by the emissaries of Mnestheus, led Theseus to an elevated place on pretence of showing him the extent of his dominions, and perfidiously threw him down a precipice, where he was killed. According to another account, however, his fall was accidental.

This text is from: Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities. Cited Oct 2002 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks


Radamanthes gave to Enyeus the island of Skyros as a gift (Diod. 5,79).

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