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Gods & demigods

Dionysus Aegobolus

Aegobolus (Aigobolos), the goat-killer, a surname of Dionysus, at Potniae in Boeotia. (Paus. ix. 8.1)

Ancient myths

Glaucus the Potnieus

Son of Sisyphus, father of Bellerophon, killed by his horses.

Glaucus, (Glaukos). A grandson of Aeolus, son of Sisyphus and Merope, and father of Bellerophontes. (Hom. Il. vi. 154; Apollod. i. 9.3; Paus. ii. 4.2.) He lived at Potniae, despised the power of Aphrodite, and did not allow his mares to breed, that they might be the stronger for the horse race. According to others, he fed them with human flesh, for the purpose of making them spirited and warlike. This excited the anger of Aphrodite or the gods in general, who punished him in this way:--when Acastus celebrated the funeral games of his father, Pelias, at lolcus, Glaucus took part in them with a charict and four horses; but the animals were frightened and upset the chariot. (Paus. iii. 18.9, v. 17.4; Apollod. i. 9.28; Nonn. Dionys. xi. 143.) According to others, they tore Glaucus to pieces, having drunk from the water of a sacred well in Boeotia, in consequence of which they were seized with madness; others, again, describe this madness as the consequence of their having eaten a herb called hippomanes. (Hygin. Fab. 250, 273; School. ad Eurip. Or. 318, Phoen. 1159; Strab.; Eustath. ad Hom.; Etym. Magn.; Paus. ix. 8.1; Aelian, H. A. xv. 25; Virg. Georg. iii. 267.) It was believed on the Corinthian isthmus that it was haunted by the shade of Glaucus, who frightened the horses during the race, and was therefore called taraxippos. (Paus. vi 20.9.) Glaucus of Potniae (Glaukos Potnieus) was the title of one of Aeschylus' lost tragedies. (Welcker, Die Aeschyl. Triloa. n 561 Nachtrag, Die Griech. Tragoed. vol. i.)

This text is from: A dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, 1873 (ed. William Smith). Cited Nov 2005 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

Glaucus (Glaukos). A son of Sisyphus, king of Corinth, by Mero pe, the daughter of Atlas, born at Potniae, a village of Boeotia. According to one account, he restrained his mares from having intercourse with the stallions; upon which Aphrodite inspired the former with such fury that they tore his body to pieces as he returned from the games which Adrastus had celebrated in honour of his father. Another version of the story makes them to have run mad after eating a certain plant at Potniae (Etymol. Mag. s. v. Potniades; Hyg. Fab.250; Georg.iii. 268).

This text is from: Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities. Cited Jan 2003 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

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