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Historic figures


The author of the Alcmaeonis says that Icarius, the father of Penelope, had two sons, Alyzeus and Leucadius, and that these two reigned over Acarnania with their father; accordingly, Ephorus thinks that the cities were named after these.

Leucadius (Leukasios), a son of Icarius and Polycaste, and a brother of Penelope and Alyzeus. Leucas was believed to have derived its name from him. (Strab. x.) Leucadius or Leucates also occurs as a surname of Apollo, which he derived from a temple in Leucas. (Strab. l. c.; Ov. Trist. iii. 1. 42; Propert. iii. 11. 69; comp. Thuc. iii. 94; Serv. ad Aen. iii. 274.)

Ancient tribes


Aristotle seems to have regarded Leucadia, or the western parts of Acarnania, as the original seats of the Leleges; for, according to this writer, Lelex was the autochthon of Leucadia, and from him were descended the Teleboans, the ancient inhabitants of the Taphian islands.

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