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Ancient myths

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Ikaros Art Gallery

Dionysus and the pirates

Wishing (Dionysus) to be ferried across from Icaria to Naxos he hired a pirate ship of Tyrrhenians. But when they had put him on board, they sailed past Naxos and made for Asia, intending to sell him. Howbeit, he turned the mast and oars into snakes, and filled the vessel with ivy and the sound of flutes. And the pirates went mad, and leaped into the sea, and were turned into dolphins. Thus men perceived that he was a god and honored him.

Heracles buries Icarus

And having (Heracles) put in to the island of Doliche, he saw the body of Icarus washed ashore and buried it, and he called the island Icaria instead of Doliche.

Historic figures


Son of Daedalus, native of the Deme Daedalidae of Attica, flies too high and falls into the Icarian Sea , wich named after him.

Icarus (Ikaros), a son of Daedalus. On his flight from Crete, his father attached to his body wings made of wax, and advised him not to fly too high; but Icarus, forgetting the advice of his father, flew so high that the sun melted the wings, and Icarus fell down into the sea, which was called after him, the Icarian. (Ov. Met. viii. 195; Hygin. Fab. 40.) His body, which was washed on shore, was said to have been buried by Heracles. (Paus. ix. 11.) The ancients explained the fable of the wings of Icarus, by understanding by it the invention of sails; and in fact some traditions stated that Daedalus and Icarus fled from Crete in a ship. Diodorus (iv. 77) relates that Icarus, while ascending into the air in the island of Icaria, fell down through his carelessness, and was drowned. Respecting the connection of Icarus with the early history of art, see Daedelis.

  The first name of Icaria was Dolichi but through Greek mythology it became connected to Ikarus, the first man who succeeded to fly and commemorates his fall. According to myth Daedalus, a famous craftsman, was a prisoner of Minos, the King of Crete. In an attempt to escape, he made two sets of wings, one for himself and one for his son, Ikarus, and attached them with wax. Together they secretly flew away, heading towards Athens. Out over the sea, near Ikaria, Ikarus, became excited by the view, flew too close to the sun with the result that the wax melted and he plunged into the sea and drowned. Thereafter, the sea named after him, Ikario Pelagos and the island was named Ikaria.

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