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Mythology (9)

Ancient myths

Pelias' daughters

When Medea reached Iolcus, she immediately began to plot against Pelias. She promised the daughters of Pelias that, if they wished, she would restore his youth to their father, now a very old man. Having butchered in some way a ram, she boiled his flesh with drugs in a pot, by the aid of which she took out of the pot a live lamb. So she took Pelias and cut him up to boil him, but what the daughters received was not enough to bury. This result forced the women to change their home to Arcadia, and after their death mounds were made there for their tombs. No poet, so far as I have read, has given them names, but the painter Micon inscribed on their portraits Asteropeia and Antinoe.

Eponymous founders or settlers


Mantineus, a son of Lycaon, and the reputed founder of Mantineia. (Apollod. iii. 8. l; Paus. viii. 8. 4.)



Son of Herakles and Phialo.


Alcimedon. An Arcadian hero, from whom the Arcadian plain Aleimedon derived its name. He was the father of Phillo, by whom Heracles begot a son, Aechmagoras, whom Alcimedon exposed, but Heracles saved. (Paus. viii. 12.2)



Daughter of Cepheus, shifts site of Mantinea, her tomb.

Antinoe, a daughter of Cepheus. At the command of an oracle she led the inhabitants of Mantineia from the spot where the old town stood, to a place where the new town was to be founded. She was guided on her way by a serpent. She had a monument at Mantineia commemorating this event (Paus. viii. 8.3, 9.2). In the latter of these passages she is called Antonoe. Two other mythical personages of this name occur in Schol. ad Apollon. Rhod. i. 164 ; Paus. viii. 11.2.


Deomeneia, a daughter of Arcas, a bronze statue of whom was erected at Mantineia. (Paus. viii. 9.5)


Daughter of Alcimedon, has child Aechmagoras by Herakles.

Historic figures


MERA (Ancient small town) MANTINIA
Daughter of Atlas, wife of Tegeates, her grave, her Dancing-ground.

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