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Mythology (4)

Eponymous founders or settlers


Acontes or Acontius (Akontes or Akontios), a son of Lycaon, from whom the town of Acontium in Arcadia derived its name. (Apollod. iii. 8.1; Steph. Byz. s. v. Akontion.)

Gods & demigods

Zeus Agetor

Agetor, a surname given to several gods, for instance:
to Zeus at Lacedaemon (Stob. Serm. 42). The name seems to describe Zeus as the leader and ruler of men; but others think, that it is synonymous with Agamemnon,
to Apollo (Eurip. Med. 426) where however Elmsley and others prefer haletor,
to Hermes, who conducts the souls of men to the lower world. Under this name Hermes had a statue at Megalopolis (Paus. viii. 34).

Zeus Epopsius

Epopsius (Epopsios), that is, the superintendent, occurs as a surname of several gods, such as Zeus (Apollon. Rhod. ii. 1124), Apollo (Hesych. s. v. ; comp. Soph. Philoct. 1040), and of Poseidon at Megalopolis. (Paus. viii. 30.1)


Maniae (Maniai), certain mysterious divinities, who had a sanctuary in the neighbourhood of Megalopolis, in Arcadia, and whom Pausanias (viii. 34. 1) considered to be the same as the Eumenides.

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