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Mythology (3)

Colonizations by the inhabitants

Aezani (Cavdarhisar) Phrygia, Turkey.

AZANIA (Ancient area) ARKADIA
When his sons grew up, Arcas divided the land between them into three parts, and one district was named Azania after Azan; from Azania, it is said, settled the colonists who dwell about the cave in Phrygia called Steunos and the river Pencalas. ( Paus. 8.4.3)
The Phrygians on the river Pencelas, and those who came to this land originally from the Azanians in Arcadia, show visitors a cave called Steunos, which is round, and handsome in its loftiness. It is sacred to the Mother, and there is an image of her. (Paus. 10.32.3)

Historic figures

Azan, Azas

Son of Arcas, funeral games of, image.

Azan, a son of Arcas and the nymph Erato, was the brother of Apheidas and Elatus, and father of Cleitor. The part of Arcadia which he received from his father was called, after him, Azania. After his death, funeral games, which were believed to have been the first in Greece, were celebrated in his honour. (Paus. viii.4.2, 3, v. 1.6; Steph. Byz. s. v. Azania)

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