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Mythology (1)

Eponymous founders or settlers

Aleus, king of Arcadia

ALEA (Ancient city) ARGOLIS
son of Aphidas: Apollod. 3.8.2, Paus. 8.4.4, 5 king of Arcadia: Paus. 8.4.8
his children: Paus. 5.5.5, Paus. 8.4.8
father of Auge, Cepheus, and Lycurgus: Apollod. 3.8.2
father of Cepheus: Apollod. 1.9.17
father of Auge: Apollod. 2.7.3, Apollod. 2.7.8
exposes her child (Telephus): Apollod. 2.7.4
gives her to Nauplius to sell: Apollod. 2.7.4
bids Nauplius drown Auge: Paus. 8.48.7
founds Alea: Paus. 8.23.1
iounds Tegea: Paus. 8.45.1
makes sanctuary of Athena Alea at Tegea: Paus. 8.4.8, Paus. 8.45.4
founds Stymphalus: Paus. 8.23.1
house at Tegea: Paus. 8.53.10

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