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Son of Zeus by Danae, the daughter of Acresius, and founder of Mycenae. (All information about Perseus see at Serifos, Island )

Gods & demigods

Aphrodite Argennis

Argennis, a surname of Aphrodite, which she derived from Argennus, a favourite of Agamemnon, after whose death, in the river Cephissus, Agamemnon built a sanctuary of Aphrodite Argennis. (Steph. Byz. s. v. Argennis ; Athen. xiii.)


Plisthenes & Aerope

1. A son of Atreus, and husband of Aerope or Eriphyle, the daughter of Catreus, by whom he became the father of Agamemnon, Menelaus, and Anaxibia (Apollod. ii. 2.2; Schol. ad Eurip. Or. 5; Aeschyl. Agam. 1569;)
2. A son of Thyestes, who was killed by Atreus, was like-wise called Pleisthenes. (Hygin. Fab. 88.)

Electryon & Anaxo

Electryon: king of Midea, of Mycenae, father of Alcmena, and of Licymnius, killed by Tleptolemus, accidentally killed by Amphitryon, son of Perseus, his sons slay the sons of Pterelaus. Anaxo: daughter of Alcaeus, wife of her paternal uncle Electryon.

Electryon (Elektruon), a son of Perseus and Andromeda, was king of Mycenae or Mideia in Argolis. (Paus. ii. 25.8) He was married to Anaxo, the daughter of Alcaeus, by whom he had several children. (Apollod. ii. 4.5) The tradition about him is given under Amphitryon . Another Electryon is mentioned by Diodorus (iv. 67).



Pylades (Pulades), a son of Strophius and Anaxibia, Cydragora or Astyochea. (Paus. ii. 29.4; Schol. ad Eurip. Orest. 33, 753; Hygin. Fab. 117.) He was a friend of Orestes, who was received by him in Phocis in a brotherly manner. (Pind. Pyth. xi. 23.) He afterwards married Electra, the sister of Orestes, and became by her the father of Hellanicus, Medon, and Strophius. (Pans. ii. 16.5)


Son of Aegisthus, who was murdered by Orestes and Electra. (Sophocles, Electra)


Enorches, a son of Thyestes by his sister Daeta, was born out of an egg, and built a temple to Dionysus, who was hence called Dionysus Enorches, though Enorches may also describe the god as the dancer. (Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 212 ; Hesych. s. v.)


Iphimedon, a son of Eurystheus, who fell in the battle against the Heracleidae. (Apollod. ii. 8. Β 1.)



A Phrygian woman, mother of Licymnius by Electryon (Apollod. 2.4.5)


Hilaeira (Ilaeira), one of the fair daughters of Leucippus of Mycenae, was carried off with her sisters by the Dioscuri. (Apollod. iii. 10.3 ; comp. Ov. Fast. v. 700; Hygin. Fab. 80; Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 511.) The name occurs also as a surname of Selene. (Hesych. s. v.)


Erigone. A daughter of Aegisthus and Clytaemnestra, and by Orestes the mother of Penthilus. (Paus. ii. 18.5.) Hyginus (Fab. 122), on the other hand, relates that Orestes wanted to kill her like her mother, but that Artemis removed her to Attica, and there made her her priestess. Others state, that Erigone put an end to herself when she heard that Orestes was acquitted by the Areiopagus. (Dict. Cret. vi. 4.) A third Erigone is mentioned by Servius. (Ad Virg. Eclog. iv. 6.)

Arsinoe or Laodameia

Arsinoe, the nurse of Orestes, who saved him from the hands of his mother Clytemnestra, and carried him to the aged Strophius, the father of Pylades. (Pind. Pyth. xi. 25, 54.) Other traditions called this nurse Laodameia. (Schol. ad Pind. 1. c.)

Arsinoe, daughter of Leucippus and Philodice

Arsinoe, a daughter of Leucippus and Philodice, and sister of Hilaeira and Phoebe, the wives of the Dioscuri. By Apollo she became the mother of Eriopis, and the Messenian tradition regarded Aselepius also as her son (Apollod. iii. 10.3; Paus. ii. 26.6; Schol. ad Pind. Pyth. iii. 14 ; Cic. de Nat. Deor. iii. 22). At Sparta she had a sanctuary and was worshipped as a heroine. (Paus. iii. 12.7)

Ancient myths

The Golden Lamb

Given by Aerope to Thyestes, who produces it and is made king of Mycenae

The children of Electryon

Electryon married Anaxo, daughter of Alcaeus, and begat a daughter Alcmena, and sons, to wit, Stratobates, Gorgophonus, Phylonomus, Celaeneus, Amphimachus, Lysinomus, Chirimachus, Anactor, and Archelaus; and after these he had also a bastard son, Licymnius, by a Phrygian woman Midea.
When Electryon reigned over Mycenae, the sons of Pterelaus came with some Taphians and claimed the kingdom of Mestor, their maternal grandfather, and as Electryon paid no heed to the claim,they drove away his kine; and when the sons of Electryon stood on their defence, they challenged and slew each other.
But of the sons of Electryon there survived Licymnius, who was still young; and of the sons of Pterelaus there survived Everes, who guarded the ships.
Wishing to avenge his sons' death, Electryon purposed to make war on the Teleboans, but first he committed the kingdom to Amphitryon along with his daughter Alcmena, binding him by oath to keep her a virgin until his return.



Mare of Agamemnon.

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