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Pheneos or Pheneus

FENEOS (Ancient city) FENEOS
An aboriginal of Arcadia.

Ancient myths

The punishment by Apollo

The legend says that Heracles and Apollo had a fight, once, about the tripod of Delphi, which they both wanted. Heracles took the tripod to Pheneos and the inhabitants claim that Apollo punished them for receiving it by blocking the two cesspools and causing a flood.

The myth of Myrtilos, the Myrtoan Sea

Behind the temple is the grave of Myrtilus. He was the son of Hermes, and served as charioteer to Oenomaus. Whenever a man arrived to woo the daughter of Oenomaus, Myrtilus craftily drove on the mares, while Oenomaus on the course shot down the wooer when he came near. Myrtilus was in love with Hippodameia, but his courage failing him he shrank from the competition. At last, he proved a traitor to Oenomaus, being induced there to by an oath sworn by Pelops that he would let him be with Hippodameia for one night. So when reminded of his oath Pelops threw him out of the ship. The body of Myrtilus was cast ashore by the tide, the people of Pheneos buried it, and every year they sacrifice to him by night as to a hero. Pelops did not make a long coasting voyage. So the Sea of Myrto is not named after Myrtilus, as it begins at Euboea and reaches the Aegaean. I think that a probable account is given by the antiquarians of Euboea, who say that the sea is named after a woman called Myrto.

Gods & demigods

Artemia Heurippe

Heurippe, (Heurippa), the finder of horses, a surname of Artemis, under which Odysseus was said to have built her a temple at Pheneus in common with Poseidon Hippius, whea at length he there found his lost horses. (Paus. viii. 14. § 4.)

Demeter Cidaria

Cidaria (Kidaria), a surname of the Eleusinian Demeter at Pheneus, in Arcadia, derived either from an Arcadian dance called kidaris, or from a royal head-dress of the same name. (Paus. viii. 15.1)



Grandson of Eumolpus, comes to Pheneus.


A Pheneatian, receives Demeter.


A Pheneatian, receives Demeter.

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