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Mythology (5)

Historic figures

Pyrrhus or Pyrrhichus

Pyrrhus; Afterwards called Neoptolemus, son of Achilles by Deidamia. Pyrrhichus; Said to be Silenus or one of Curetes.

Ancient myths

Silenos or Silenus

A wood-deity, his alleged capture in the "garden of Midas" in Macedonia, caught by Midas, brought up at Malea, husband of Nais, father of the centaur Pholus, called Pyrrhichus, stone on which Silenus sat, well given by Silenus, temple of Silenus at Elis, Marsyas called Silenus, elderly Satyrs called Silenuses, Silenuses mortal, graves of Silenuses at Pergamus and in land of Hebrews.

Gods & demigods

Apollo Amazonius

Amazonius (Amazonios), a surname of Apollo, under which he was worshipped, and had a temple at Pyrrhichus in Laconia. The name was derived either from the belief that the Amazons had penetrated into Peloponnesus as far as Pyrrhichus, or that they had founded the temple there. (Paus. iii. 25.2)

Artemis Astrateia

Astrateia, a surname of Artemis, under which she had a temple near Pyrrhichus in Laconia, because she was believed to have stopped there the progress of the Amazons. (Paus. iii. 25.2)

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