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Zeus Ithomatas

Ithomatas, a surname of Zeus derived from the Messenian hill of Ithome, where the god had a sanctuary, and where an annual festival, the Ithomaea, was celebrated in his honour. (Paus. iv. 33. Β 2, &c.)



ANDANIA (Ancient city) ANDANIA
Caucon (Kaukon), a son of Celaenus, who was believed to have carried the orgies of the great goddess from Eleusis to Messene, where he was worshipped as a hero. His tomb was shewn in Lepreos (Paus. iv. 1.4, 27.4, v. 5.4). One of the sons of Lycaon also bore the name of Caucon. (Apollod. iii. 8.1)

Historic figures


A woman.


Ithome, a nymph from whom the Messenian hill of Ithome derived its name. According to a Messenian tradition, Ithome and Neda, from whom a small river of the country derived its name, were said to have nursed Zeus, and to have bathed the infant god in the well Clepsydra. (Paus. iv. 33. Β 2.)


MESSINI (Ancient city) ITHOMI
Daughter of Triopas, wife of Polycaon, revered and invoked as heroine by Messenians, her temple and image.

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