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Daughter of Peneius (Eustathius 330,36).

Gods & demigods

Abas, the Centaur



Son of Ares and Chryse, king of Andreis (the Boeotian Orchomenus), greatest warrior of his age, father of Coronis, comes to Peloponnese with his daughter, slain by Lycus and Nycteus.

Dotis, mother of Phlegyas

Dotis, a daughter of Elatus or Asterius, by Amphictyone, from whom the Dotian plain, in Thessaly, was believed to have derived its name. Dotis was the mother of Phlegyas, by Ares. (Apollod. iii. 5.5, where in some editions we have a wrong reading, Chruses, instead of Dotidos; Steph. Byz. s. v. Dotion.)



Gorgasus, (Gorgasos), a son of Machaon and Anticleia, who, together with his brother Nicomachus, had a sanctuary at Pherae, founded by Glaucus, the son of Aepytus. (Paus. iv. 3. § 6, 30. § 2.

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