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Historic figures

Cyzicus & Cleite

Cyzicus (Kuzikos), a son of Aeneus and Aenete, the daughter of Eusorus (Apollon. Rhod. i. 948; Val. Flacc. iii. 3). According to others, he was himself a son of Eusorus, and others again make him a son of Apollo by Stilbe (Hygin. Fab. 16; Conon, Narrat. 41; Schol. ad Apollon. Rhod.). He was king of the Doliones at Cyzicus on the Propontis. In compliance with an oracle he received the Argonauts kindly, when they landed in his dominion. When, after their departure, they were cast back upon the shore by a storm and landed again at night-time, they were mistaken by the Doliones for a hostile people, and a struggle ensued, in which Cyzicus was slain by Heracles or Jason. On the next morning the mistake was discovered, and the Argonauts mourned for three days with the Doliones over the death of their king, and celebrated funeral games in his honour (Apollod. i. 9.18; Conon, Narrat. 41, who gives a different account).

This text is from: A dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, 1873 (ed. William Smith). Cited Nov 2005 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

Cleite (Kleite), a daughter of king Merops, and wife of Cyzicus. After the murder of her husband by the Argonauts she hung herself, and the tears of the nymphs, who lamented her death, were changed into the well of the name of Cleite. (Apollon. Rhod. i. 967, 1063, &c.)

Gods & demigods

Athena Iasonia

Iasonia, a surname of Athena at Cyzicus. (Apollon. Rhod. i. 960)

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